Being a Nerd Is Cool Now, Right?: The Ultimate Star Wars Gift Guide

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‘Tis the season for honesty, right? I tried to hide it as best I could, but my shameless nerd flag started flying a long time ago. I do very much love fashion, glamour, and pageantry, but my heart will always have a soft spot for math and all things science fiction. Now-a-days being a dork is cool, too, which is great for me, since my degree is in Actuarial Science, I solve complex math questions on napkins at restaurants, and I can quote the majority of the dialogue from all six Star Wars movies. As the product of two intellectual (fancy word for nerdy) physicians, I grew up re-watching the original trilogy on Saturday mornings, while normal children watched cartoons on Nickelodeon. Sometimes we’d switch to Star Trek, but I always had a thing for Harrison Ford, and I usually got my way.

I’m incredibly excited about the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Friday, so I’ve created the ultimate Star Wars gift guide for any of the fellow sci-fi lovers on your shopping list.

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Ultimate Star Wars Gift Guide (1-8)

1. Inquisitor Darth Maul Imperial Lightsaber, $24 | 2. R2-D2 Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, $20 | 3. Tie Fighter Cufflinks, $60 | 4. Yoda Socks, $25 | 5. LEGO Darth Vader Alarm Clock, $40 | 6. C-3PO Ear Buds, $29 | 7. Darth Vader Expressions Mug, $14 | 8. R2-D2 Upright Wheeled Suitcase, $140

Ultimate Star Wars Gift Guide (9-15)

9. Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Millennium Falcon, $50 | 10. 4-Pack Star Wars Glass Set, $31 | 11. Classic Star Wars Blanket, $24 | 12. Darth Vader Toaster Oven, $50 | 13. Gray Millennium Falcon 3D Backpack, $40 | 14. AT-AT Star Wars Graphic T, $13| 15. Men’s Star Wars Silk Rebel Tie, $25

From one Star Wars fan to another, I hope you found a thing or two (or fifteen) you love from this Star Wars Gift guide. Now, on to more important topics, how’d you like the new movie?! I want to know your thoughts!



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