My 7th 21st Birthday: 27 Completely Random Facts about Me

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OMG, I’m an old lady! I officially turn 27 tomorrow, and I’m surprisingly not upset about it. Approaching 30 is never an easy thing for a girl who still accidentally tells people– and believes– she’s 22, but I’m accepting this birthday with much more complacency than I anticipated. To celebrate, I’ve decided to share 27 completely random facts about me. Yes, these are all true, and yes, I fully expect you to think I’m significantly more weird after reading this post.

Maybe it’s the 27-year-old in me talking, but I hope this gives y’all a little more insight into the real Diary of a Debutante… the one who doesn’t like makeup, is an expert at video games, and writes website code in her free time. Big big big thank you to the fabulous Heather at HBJ Photography for capturing my awesome pink and leopard Show Me Your Mumu birthday shots. Full outfit details at the bottom of this post.




  1. My elusive middle name is Knight, and I was also a UCF Knight. Destiny.
  2. I love to sing, but I don’t enjoy performing. It gives me crazy anxiety.
  3. My blogger BFF, Ashley Brooke, is actually my real life BFF. We met in 7th grade and became friends for life after I told her she was pretty and that her bag looked like a potato.
  4. I am the definition of a mega nerd. I can practically recite the dialogue from all 6 episodes of Star Wars, enjoy solving complex math equations on napkins at restaurants, and sporadically conduct household science experiments.
  5. In the summer of 2012, I visited 8 countries in 10 days. Thanks, mom and biggest brother, for planning the most intense European vacation logistically possible.
  6. 99% of the time, I blog in my bed.
  7. My goal for the remainder of 2015? Learn to golf. It’s allegedly the best advice you can give to a professional female in the 21st century.
  8. I don’t have a consistent southern accent, but I went to all-girl summer camp in Crossville, TN for 4 summers in a row. Needless to say, sometimes my southern twang makes an impromptu appearance.
  9. I competed in pageants for 2 years, and I’ve held the titles of Miss Pinellas County and Miss Tampa Bay USA. The random thing? I live a solid 200 miles from the Pinellas/Tampa Bay area.
  10. My cartoon man crush was and will always be Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Anime romance for the win.
  11. I can be very girly at times, but my 2 older brothers transformed me into a resident tomboy by age 7. I love being outdoors, camping, shooting… you name it. Hunting not included.
  12. When I was little, my dream was to either be a professional typist via typewriter or a cashier with long nails at Publix. Ambition.
  13. My go-to karaoke song is “Alone” by Heart. Guaranteed show stopper.
  14. I’ve been a designated baseball girlfriend more times than I’d care to remember, and I’m not really even a huge baseball fan. My saving grace? Stadium candy, tight uniforms, and beer.
  15. I work with a handful of well-tailored goofballs in a high-end wealth management firm called Synergy Wealth Alliance. Hence, as soon as I get home, I live in sweatpants and no bra, and I refuse to wear makeup.
  16. I rarely cry in movies, although I sobbed when Johnny sees his dad and runs for the touchdown at the end of The Little Giants. You’re the worst, hormones.
  17. I was hired to be an official digital spokes model | avatar for the US Department of Defense’s Healthy Base Initiative project last February. Fancy.
  18. In college, S and I used to order cheeseburgers, sit in the Checkers parking lot, and prank call boys… all evening. Every single time– yes, this was a weekly ritual, we played the Halloween theme song and screamed/giggled hysterically in the background.
  19. To this day, I still cry when I get in trouble, and no, it’s not to try to guilt my way out of things. I genuinely hate when people, even strangers in law enforcement, are visibly disappointed in me.
  20. Both my parents are doctors, and both my parents vehemently talked me out of being a doctor.
  21. A few years ago and prior to the birth of Diary of a Debutante, I started a podcast called Debutante Disclosure. I made 5 episodes about current “hot topics,” and I partnered with designated field experts, who 100% of the time were family members and/or close friends, to provide unbiased yet completely biased insight. Yes, it was hilarious, and yes, it’s still on the internet (you’re welcome).
  22. In middle school, my friends and I– who would now be known as The 8th Grade Plastics of Lake Highland Preparatory School– used to play a game called “Bowl” at lunch, where we would scoop up leaves, dirt, and mulch in a bowl and dump it on each other | unassuming bystanders.
  23. If “Aaron’s Party” by musical mastermind Aaron Carter doesn’t play at my wedding, I’m going to have an annulment. Come get it.
  24. My first name means “Crowned in Victory” in Greek. My last name, after an impressive decade-long genealogy discovery mission by my dad, was confirmed to translate to “Wheezer” in Polish. I’m basically a royal wheezer.
  25. I have arguments with my boss on a weekly basis about whether I’m an introvert or extrovert. I’ve concluded that in networking settings I’m an extroverted introvert… but definitely still an introvert intrinsically. He begs to differ. He is incorrect.
  26. If you asked me what the best year of my life has been thus far, I’d say none. I would choose bits and pieces from each year in my twenties to compile one mega-year. Accordingly, I could also compile the worst year of my life using the identical method.
  27. Because of my history with eating disorders and body dysmorphia, I write five nice things about myself in a journal every morning. It sounds silly, but the mind is an intriguing thing– and you can actually train it to think in a certain way. It’s called CBT (Cognitive-Based Therapy), and it rules.


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Dress: Show Me Your Mumu | Heels: ShoeDazzle | Earrings: BaubleBar | Bangles: Lilly & Ivory


Cheers to being 27!





18 thoughts on “My 7th 21st Birthday: 27 Completely Random Facts about Me

  1. Jordyn

    Happy birthday beautiful! I loved reading this post and gaining more insight about who you are as a person! 27 isn’t even old at all so don’t worry about that (: it sounds like you have accomplished so much and you are a great mixture of nerdy and chic (me too)! Love the leopard dress on you (:

  2. Seersucker Sass

    Stephanie, I LOVED getting to know you better! I was amazed at what all we have in common! The majority of my blogging also happens in bed, and I really don’t mind since I sit at a desk allll day. Hope you have an AMAZING birthday, sweet girl! I hope it’s stress free and joyous!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  3. Lauren

    I cannot even tell you how much I love this post! I am DYING at 12. I used to want to work at Publix too.. ummm those cash register buttons still look so amazing to me! Hahaha, seriously. dead. Also, I always used to prank call with my best friend every single day after school and we thought it was the best thing ever. Last, I LOVE Ashley and I also have more often than not been baseball gf. AKA we need to meet!

    The Fashionista’s Diary

  4. Julia

    Have a wonderful birthday! This reminds me of my aunt who each year said she was turning 32, even though she was over 40 xD That last one is so inspiring, and not silly at all! CBT is something I’ve been meaning to get back into for my anxiety issues, and knowing it helps you is making me want to find a therapist even more 🙂

    Julia | Pennies & Paper

  5. Sarah

    The balloons were a success!! Beautiful photos! I loved reading all of these facts — love number 3 by the way 🙂 Morgan and I were friends before blogging too and it makes having the pastime in common that much more meaningful! You also had me laughing at some of these… the introvert/extrovert argument and Star Wars obsession, haha!

    x Sarah

  6. Jenni

    I love this idea for a post and really enjoyed reading your facts. Aaron’s Party was definitely my jam when I was little and I’m pretty sure I still know all of the words. Happy birthday by the way! I hope you have an AMAZING day that is filled with lots of fun!


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