Cheers, 2014:
A Beach, Wine, + Sparkler-Filled New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve is usually one of those holidays I can live without. I’m not a huge fan of large crowds, ie. Times Square, my fondness of inebriation can be categorized as low, and I hate the awkward “Will you kiss me at midnight?” inquiries which inevitably result in me feeling uncomfortable… and hiding alone in the bathroom. 2014, however, broke the mold. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to ring in the new year: on the beach in beautiful Tampa Bay (yes, my territory) with champagne, chocolate, and my favorite people/bloggers/NYE dates, Ashley Brooke and Mash Elle.



No, this picture isn’t photoshopped. Mad shout out to Ashley Brooke for her crazy photography skills, as well as her inability to make a 4.  This year, Mash and I decided to drive to sunny St. Petersburg to stay with Ashley and her husband in their adorable condo near the beach on New Year’s Eve. Ryan’s BFF/boyfriend Clay was also in town, so the five of us agreed upon a very loose plan involving dinner, beach shenanigans, and fireworks.We missed our initial oceanfront dinner reservations due to unforeseen traffic/just being late, so we settled for BoneFish Grille, which ended up being downright delicious and surprisingly festive for a last-resort scenario.


My dress (middle): BCBG | Shoes: Aldo 


After a few hours of being pretty, prim, and proper, it was time for the beach games. We chose a remote spot on the gorgeous St. Pete Beach and unloaded all of our NYE sustenance. Ashley and Clay pulled some sneaks and bought an amazing chocolate ganache cake with raspberries, champagne, sparkling cider, and a ton of fireworks and sparklers for us to enjoy during our impromptu beach picnic. Oh, and the best part? They found those floating lanterns from Tangled, the ones you light and wish upon as they float up into the sky. Not only did we each release our own individual lantern, but we made a group wish for our final lantern. If I’m remembering things correctly, that one went the highest! 🙂



Clay and Ryan making the first (and only failed) attempt. By the 6th, we were pros.



Mash Elle releasing her pretty pink lantern into the sky.



After we let go of the previous year’s demons, it was time for the pyromania. It only took us about 30 minuets to master the art of advanced sparkler writing photography (check out this great tutorial to create your own). Afterwards, the girls and I enjoyed a hilarious display of boys and their obsession with fireworks, as we sipped champagne, drank cider, and enjoyed our delectable chocolate ganache cake and raspberries.



My heart would be the special-looking one.



Post midnight, we played a rousing 3-hour game of Cards Against Humanity, which is a hilariously inappropriate and R-rated version of Apples to Apples, watched a slew of atrocious live performers on the Times Square NYE Countdown with Ryan Seacrest (Jason DeRulo? Really? Stop singing), and ate an obscene amount of chocolate. Without sounding overly redundant, I’m so excited for what 2014 has in store. It’s going to be my year. What did y’all do for NYE? And most importantly, what did you wear?!


Best wishes for the most fabulous 2014!




28 thoughts on “Cheers, 2014:
A Beach, Wine, + Sparkler-Filled New Year’s Eve

  1. Jackie Harrison

    Awesome way to bring the New Years and all of you ladies looking gorgeous. I love floating lanterns so much fun seen in weddings and baby showers now its a new way to use it thanks to you guys. Happy New Year doll.

  2. Sheila Simmons

    What a way to ring in the New Year! I looked at the pictures first and I thought it was snow at first LOL. You ladies looked like you had a great time and of course pretty as always.

  3. Alicia Mackin

    What a great NYE you had! I spent mine in Jackson Heights in queens New York went to a coworkers party. But would love to take a trio somewhere warm.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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