Rainy Days Are for Rain Boots:
Classic Ralph Lauren Combo

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Although I’ve been slowing down a bit, modeling has blessed me with the most amazing opportunities for meeting talented photographers and stylists in the area. I shot with Cliff Hodges for a swimsuit shoot last January, and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Now he’s starting his own photography blog (check it out here— free tips from a ridiculously talented photog), so I get to chat with him about blogging business and score some  fabulous new portfolio shots simultaneously. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is.
We met in historic downtown New Smyrna Beach, aka the cutest {and cleanest} beach town you’ll ever see, for a few editorial-style outfit spreads. Unfortunately, with our luck, it decided to unexpectedly downpour on me and my freshly-curled hair, leaving us with a wet dog princess swag type motif. In conclusion, Hunter rain boots aren’t just for show, people. Full outfit details at the bottom of the post.

And now prepare yourselves for the wet dog princess swag. But seriously, though– how gorgeous is this Old Fort Park archaeological site? We had so much fun playing around it in, so I didn’t mind expediting the imminent collapse of my hair’s volume, and surprisingly, we weren’t even trespassing. It’s just out in the open for the public to enjoy. If you’re ever in New Smyrna, check it out. It’s a fabulous location for editorial shots, headshots, or even family photos.

Then we also spent a significant amount of time exploring the rustic downtown area, and Cliff couldn’t get enough of this old fashioned dry cleaning building. I can’t wait to go back; there is a literal gold mine of backdrop opportunities, y’all.

Oxford: Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Striped Shirt | Sweater: Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Cabled Cotton Sweater | Jeans: Express Mid Rise Skinny Leg Jeans | Boots: Hunter Original High Gloss Boots | Bag: Tory Burch Chestnut Pebbled Robinson Open Dome Satchel

Enjoy your weekend!

♥ Stephanie


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Classic Ralph Lauren Combo

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