Do Good, Live Well: Going Green for ‘Do Good’ Week

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Joining the Commit Campaign for Do Good Week

Is anyone else physically and emotionally jaded by an overwhelming antagonistic force navigating its way through social media? As someone whose optimism admittedly feeds off the positivity of others, I wish I could just hit the mute button on any content relating to the election, murder, race, or any other hot topic whose negativity is perpetuated by our spur-of-the-moment (and oftentimes volatile) reactions. While it’s not possible to make all the troubling news stories disappear, it is possible to counteract their animosity with kindness. That’s why I’m joining United Healthcare and The Commit Campaign in encouraging y’all to spread supportive and uplifting messages this holiday season. Throughout Do Good Week (11/13-11/19) and the remainder of the year, help us change the conversation on social media to being more hopeful about life. Talk about the volunteering efforts that are dear to you heart and/or share how you choose to give back in your community. Help spread #DoGoodWeek’s message that giving back is really what this season should be all about.

Most of you know that I suffered from an eating disorder for the majority of my teen years and early-to-mid twenties. It was a dark time in my life, but I wouldn’t be who I am today without my very long journey to eating disorder recovery– and I would probably still be neglecting my mental health. So, for Do Good Week, I’m joining The Commit Campaign, a photo-based movement committed to breaking the stigma associated with mental health and illness to reduce the nation’s suicide rate. I’m pledging to continue being open and vocal about my struggles by creating eating disorder-related content regularly, advocating for revised mental health legislation in Washington, and simply wearing green, the official color of Mental Health Awareness Month (full mental health-inspired outfit details are linked at the bottom of this post). My commitment is being made in an effort to simply get people talking about the fact that approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S., which equates to 43.8 million or 18.5%, experiences mental illness in a given year. When so many of our neighbors are hurting, why is so easy to yell about our political feelings yet not discuss the dire need for increasing mental health support?

Joining the Commit Campaign for Do Good WeekJoining the Commit Campaign for Do Good Week Joining the Commit Campaign for Do Good WeekJoining the Commit Campaign for Do Good Week Joining the Commit Campaign for Do Good WeekJoining the Commit Campaign for Do Good WeekShop the Look: Flannel Shirt: Old Navy, $15 | Skirt: Michael Kors, $41 (similar) | Heels: BCBGeneration, $40 (similar) | Bag: Vera Bradley, $137 | Necklace: Kendra Scott, $65 | Watch: Michael Kors, $275

While I encourage y’all to get involved with a cause that’s particularly near and dear to your hearts, I also encourage each one of you to take this pledge with me and thousands of others to erase the stigma surrounding mental illness. One of my favorite quotes, which I hope y’all will share with you loved ones, is, “The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.” Amen.

Joining the Commit Campaign for Do Good Week

So think about it– what good can you do for Do Good Week? If you need some charitable inspiration that doesn’t involved writing a check (us millennials have budgets), here’s a list of 26 creative ways to make a difference year-round. ‘Tis the season, y’all!

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