The Bolder the Better:
How to Correctly Apply Red Lipstick

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Let’s get real. Life is better in heels and red lipstick. When I was younger, crimson was much too bold for my awkward teenage look; however, as my style has evolved, I’ve become such an advocate of the classic Hollywood beauty tactic. Famous wearers of the showstopping shade include starlets Audrey, Marilyn, Lucille Ball, and ((throw back)) Cleopatra. Egyptian fab.

This past weekend, I was ever-so-lucky to shoot ((again)) with Lakeside Photography for some new glamour-esque shots, as well as batch of swimsuit photos, to round out my portfolio as a permanent brunette (that’s right; I’m officially putting blonde on the back burner- boo).

Bill wanted a classic red lip–I wanted to channel my inner Marilyn, so I worked together with professional makeup artists, as well as Wikipedia  (it’s offish, right?), to perfect the scarlet process. The problem I, as well as most of my friends, encounter when I attempt the crimson application myself is that the color runs and fades so quickly.  If I d