How to Get Fuller-Looking Eyebrows at Home with Rodan + Fields

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Beauty blogger Stephanie Ziajka shows to get fuller eyebrows at home with Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost Gel on Diary of a Debutante

Have you ever been told that you have awesome eyebrows? If so, the compliment might’ve come from me. I envy everything about thick, voluminous eyebrows. I have dark brown eyes and a full head of thick, dark brown Italian hair, but for some reason, my brows didn’t get the thick growth or dark gene. Also, I have a scar on my right eyebrow that makes them forever mismatched, so there’s that, too. I’ve thought about micro-blading, but unfortunately, I’m terrified of both needles and tattoos. Needless to say, when I heard about the new Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost, which is essentially an instant, 4-in-1, lightweight tinted brow gel (and budget-friendly alternative to microblading eyebrows), I was super excited to try it out. Keep reading for a full review, including before and after pics plus tips on how to get the most maximized appearance of thicker brows with the product!

Before jumping straight into a product review, though, first thing’s first– what is Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost? Well, it’s a lightweight, tinted brow gel with fibers that increases the appearance of volume and fullness with buildable coverage both instantly and over time. The formula contains their proprietary Lash Boost Technology, along with other key hair-conditioning ingredients like castor oil and cellulose fibers, to cover gray hairs and sparse areas of the eyebrow and provide overall brow definition. In other words, it’s an eyebrow dye, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow tint, and eyebrow gel all in one.  

Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost Review

I feel like skincare reviews need to be broken down into multiple categories. For me personally, the two most important factors are ingredients and efficacy, so I’ll focus primarily on those for the Brow Defining Boost gel.


As for the ingredients in Brow Defining Boost, there’s nothing even remotely concerning in my book, and I have extremely sensitive skin. The formula is made up of castor oil to help moisturizer and condition brows, cellulose fibers to provide an instant voluming effect, polymer technology to protect the surface of existing hairs, beeswax to control and tame brows, and pigment to provide an instant coverage that gives the appearance of fuller brows, covers gray hairs, and fills in sparse areas of the eyebrow. Also, like all Rodan + Fields products, their Brow Defining Boost is completely cruelty-free, which is super important to me personally.


As for its efficacy, I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I’m a big fan. I use it every morning after my skincare routine and love how natural it looks. I haven’t been wearing makeup much these days (#quarantinelife), so I like that it makes me feel like I’m done-up even when I’m bare-faced. The gel really does a great job getting into those sparse areas of hair and making them look fuller and natural without completely overpowering my face. Truth be told, though, I’m somewhat heavy-handed, so it took me a little while to get used to the wand. Once I did, it completely transformed my eyebrows. Check out my brow defining boost before and after picture below! For reference, I’m wearing the dark shade.

Before and after using Rodan and Fields Brow Defining Boost Gel

Isn’t that a crazy difference?! They look twice as full and twice as dark. Keep reading for tips and tricks for applying the Brow Defining Boost gel!

How to Apply the Brow Defining Boost Gel

Rodan + Fields brow defining boost review by Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

Applying the Brow Defining Boost gel is pretty straightforward, although it did take me some time to get used to the wand. Well, not so much the wand, but the amount of product that should go on the wand. If you’re just testing the product out for the first time, here’s how to correctly apply it–

First, dip the wand into tinted gel and wipe off any excess. You really want the brush to be lightly coated (not drenched), otherwise your brows may look a little too pigmented. Next, use short, upward strokes to pick up your brow hair with the thicker part of the wand to build and add definition. I like to follow the brush pattern of in, up, and out as I work my way from beginning to end of my eyebrow. I’ve found that’s the best way to ensure my brows look even and natural. Also, I make sure the fibers of the tinted brow volumizing gel are applied directly to the brow bone. In my experience, actually touching the skin is the best way to get the appearance of fuller brows.

How to use the Rodan and Fields brow defining boost gel by Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

Finally, the precision tip is essentially an eyebrow brush, eyebrow dye, eyebrow pencil, and clear brow gel all in one, so I use it to fill in gaps and shape my brow tail. Once I’m happy with the way my brows look, they’re completely done for the day, and I can proceed with my normal makeup routine from there.

How to get fuller eyebrows at home with Rodan and Fields Brow Defining Boost gel by beauty blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

Also, quick note– another major perk of the Brow Defining Boost is that it’s smudge- and flake-free. I’ve worked with eyebrow pencils in the past that’ve created both flakes and smudges, so I really appreciate that this is a “set it and forget it”-type product. I also appreciate that it’s easily removable, just in case I make any sudden movements.

Where to Find Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost

Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shows how to use Rodan and Fields Brow Defining Boost to get fuller eyebrows on Diary of a Debutante

Great news, y’all– Rodan + Fields’ Brow Defining Boost is finally available for purchase on! It comes in four shades– light, medium, dark, and black, and you can click here to purchase! Of course, you can still purchase through your Rodan + Fields consultant, too. The product does cost $112, which I realize isn’t cheap, but its pennies compared to micro-blading. The product also lasts for 3 months. Also, I’m a big fan of the Rodan + Fields return policy. If you aren’t completely satisfied with any purchase, you have sixty days to return the unused portion of the product for a full refund of the purchase price.

Finally, I know buying skincare and makeup online can be daunting. Please let me know if you have any questions about my experience with the product. Whether you need help picking a shade or have a question about any of the ingredients, I’m happy to help! Also, if you’re already a fan of Rodan + Fields– or if you have hyperpigmentation and are looking to switch up your skincare routine, check out my honest review of the Rodan + Fields REVERSE Lightening Regimen. Targeting discoloration on my face has always been a huge challenge, and this line completely changed my skin for the better. Thanks so much for reading, y’all!


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