Bleach to Bare:
Jolen Hair Remover Kit and Creme Bleach Review + Giveaway

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Floridians don’t really have a spring; we just get tossed into full-fledged summer overnight. I’m not complaining, though, since I love the beach and consider 60 degrees way too cold to function. This climate change does mean I have to get myself bikini ready far earlier than most, so my workout and skincare routine usually ramps up sometime in February. We’re also all about the “less hair, more skin” mantra, which should probably be our unofficial summertime motto. Until this point, I’d been in denial about the visibility of my dark-featured arm and facial hair, which my loving brother refers to as “gorilla hair”; however, I manned up, finally bit the bullet, and decided to try Jolen, an iconic cream bleach brand passed down through generations to minimize the appearance of unwanted facial and body hair.


Jolen’s Facial Hair Removal Kit now gives you the option to completely remove unwanted facial hair with a super easy-to-use, three-part system consisting of Skin Guarding Balm for pre and post-skin irritation and redness protection, Hair Removal Cream formulated with a soft scent to quickly, gently, and effectively remove unwanted hair on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks, and Cleanse & Sooth Wipes to wipe away cream and hair while soothing and conditioning the skin. If you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t risk putting any harmful chemicals on your face,– the last thing I need is more inflammation and redness– so I was admittedly skeptical about trying Jolen until I read a handful of raving reviews. Its formula is safe, gentle, dermatologist-tested, and apparently perfect for all hair types.




The new Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit is available in select stores like ULTA, as well as online at and, for right around $11.99. To learn a little bit more about the new Jolen Facial Hair Remover Kit, feel free to ask me questions and/or visit Jolen online here. You can also follow Jolen on Pinterest, follow Jolen on Instagram, and LIKE Jolen on Facebook for new products and updates!



And then there’s this Jolen Creme Bleach stuff, which I’m convinced is magical. Jolen Creme Bleach, the first  and #1-selling cream bleach available, lightens noticeable hair easily and gently, making it virtually invisible. You can use it on your lip, cheeks, and chin area, as well as for lightening hair on your arms, thighs, stomach and other body hair. You can actually even streak a bit on your actual hair for a more highlighted look.


You can opt for either the original formula or a sensitive formula with Aloe Vera, which is ideal for use on sensitive, more delicate skin (ie my entire body). I went a little bleach crazy with their Sensitive Formula plus Aloe Vera Creme Bleach– from my eyebrows to my arm hair. The kit was super easy to use and took effect within about 10 minutes.






So where can you buy Jolen? Here (duh)! Jolen Creme Bleach formulas and Jolen Facial Hair Removal Kits can be found in stores nationwide, including CVS, Harmon, Rite Aid, ULTA, Walgreens, Walmart, and at a handful of marketplaces online.

And in case you’re curious but skeptical of the {quite modest} price tag, enter the Jolen Bleach to Bare Giveaway here! More than 50 winners will have a chance to win ULTA Beauty gift cards, free Jolen products, and other fun summer essentials. Giveaway ends May 8, 2015, so start getting those entries in now! Oh, and stay connected to Jolen for offers, giveaways and the latest in beauty tricks from celebrity makeup artists on our FacebookPinterest and Instagram pages.


If Monday were a pair of shoes, it’d definitely be crocs.



This is a sponsored, product-provided conversation written by me on behalf of Jolen. The opinions and text are all mine.


♥ Stephanie


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Jolen Hair Remover Kit and Creme Bleach Review + Giveaway

  1. Tiffany Khyla

    This sounds like an awesome product! I've never heard of Jolen's brand before, but I can relate to the struggle of unwanted hair in unwanted places. Thanks for the review!


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