All I Want for Christmas Is:
Everything from Kate Spade

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So, I made the mistake of wandering around Millenia earlier this week, and I discovered a new Kate Spade boutique on the 1st floor. I say “new,” but apparently it opened up back in May. Whatever. I stay away from that mall for a reason. I managed to leave marginally unscathed; however, my wish list (hello, Christmas!) just quadrupled in size.

Although I adore her dresses, it’s rare that one actually fits me. Maybe my body is just super disproportionate, who knows. I am, however, a perfect fit for ALL of her accessories. Nobody does bangles, rose gold, and glitter like Kate Spade. Here are all of my favorites broken down by category (for easy and efficient shopping, mom):



Not only does Kate design gorgeously feminine boyfriend-faced watches, but she created these ah-mazing carousel watches in like 10 different colors. I’m obsessed. I need them all.




The Kate Spade boutique had this really fun pull out drawer display of all of her colorfully fabulous wallets, and I’m pretty sure the store clerk thought I was crazy for pulling it in and out a dozen times to “test” various styles.  She has a variety of different sized, colored, and styled wallets, ranging from the petite Louis to the mid-sized Stacy to the full-sized (and my favorite) Lacey.


I think I need to put in a request for all new office furniture accessories. Not only does Kate have fun paper weights, but she makes candles, mugs, and all sorts of professional necessities. I need this “Let’s Do Lunch” business card holder.. you know, for business purposes. Also, I’m obsessed with her collection of bangles and belts, so I included my favorites in those categories, as well.


I could’ve created like 17 more categories, but I figured this was sufficient for one blog post. What are you favorites?!

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28 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas Is:
Everything from Kate Spade

  1. Joyce T

    Love your Kate Spade picks! I really like their things too (if only I could afford them, haha!). The bow belt and the white gold carousel watch are my favourite 🙂 Found you through the totally awesome blog hop by the way!

    A Splash Of Tan

  2. Ashlyn

    I am such a sucker for a cute coffee mug and those are right up my alley! If you are talking about the Millenia mall in Orlando then I definitely need to stay away – they just put sephora in there too and that place is like candy land


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