Hurray for Halloween! Let’s Dress Up! :
Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2013

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I’ll admit it… in the past, I’ve been your typical “Let’s go to Halloween Express” type of gal when it comes to Halloween costumes. No more. Thanks to Pinterest and my rejuvenated interest in becoming domesticated, I’ve decided the pre-packaged ensembles, which easily range from $30-$100, are no match for the creatively crafty//homemade masterpiece.


I was planning on being Belle (the Disney princess, duh) for Halloween this year; however, due to an imminent hair color change, that may no longer be appropriate. I’m super excited because I’ll be reunited with my bestie, S, in DC for a gala at the French Embassy on All Hallows Eve. Henceforth, I’ve been diligently searching for amazing costumes online… and sorting through old party pictures for inspiration. In my quest to choose the perfect outfit for the Halloween gala in DC, I ended up creating a photo cache of all of the most amazing costumes on the internet… all the while, I am still costume-less. Here are my top 10 favorites of all time–or at least for 2013. Some are a bit old, but I couldn’t resist featuring my big brother, T, in this post. He is truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to Halloween. You’ll see why below.


Alan {& Baby Carlos} from The Hangover
T, my big brother, created this masterpiece all on his own for my 2009 Halloween Extravaganza. He did Alan from The Hangover before it was popular to be Alan from The Hangover. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the Z-family. 
Bananas in Pajamas
The gruesome twosome at its finest. T and his boy toy, JD, failed to disappoint the following year at my 2010 Halloween Extravaganza. He officially became the first ever 2-time “Best Costume” winner in the history of Z-Babe party throwing. All of the above costume ingredients were found at Wal-Mart approximately 45 minutes before the party started. 


TY Beanie Babies

Straight off of Pinterest… this is such an adorable idea for a big group of girlfriends. Definitely a contender for my costume this year! We’d just have to choose which one of 353083 Beanie Babies to be. 


Diet Coke Cans

This has me and Ashley Brooke written allllllll over it. 
Pikachu & Ash
This was the year Tony’s “Best Costume” winning streak ended. Tiff was Pikachu, and her boyfriend, L, was Ash– the Pokemon keeper for all you non-nerds. Probably my favorite couple costume in the history of Halloween.
Starbucks Iced Latte
Adorable. Just adorable. 


The Mario Kart Gang
I’m seriously trying to convince (ie force) all my friends to participate in this Halloween miracle of a group costume. I call Princess Peach.
Crazy Cat Lady
I want to copy this so badly, but I know I won’t come close to this little princess’ fabulosity. As a member of a proud “crazy cat family,” I appreciate the hair rollers, bath robe, and slippers. Indubitably accurate. 


Antoine Dodson: Puppy Version

I’m tempted to adopt a pug… just to duplicate this magnificent ensemble. 
U dum. U are so dum. We gonn finnnnd you!


Kip from Napoleon Dynamite
OMG. There are no words. Hands down the best kids costume of all time. If this child came to my door, he would get the entire witch’s kettle (gotta keep it festive) of candy– no question. If only there were a little Deb and Napoleon next to him… my life would officially be complete. 
Who else found some great stuff on Pinterest? Keep in mind, I still have no costume.. so any additional suggestions would be great. Kthx. Hope all y’all are getting excited for Hallyweeeen! Have a great week!


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23 thoughts on “Hurray for Halloween! Let’s Dress Up! :
Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2013

  1. Mash Elle

    This post is amazing!!! I am LOVING the frappachino outfit- has my name all over it. I wish we were spending Halloween together – Have a blast with S in DC!

    x Michelle

  2. Mandi Noel

    The Bananas in Pajamas had me laughing so hard!! I also love the Mario group costumes. A group of my friends once went as all of the Power Rangers. Helmets and everything. They took pictures with random strangers in night clubs all night. It was insane! Really, though I love the crazy cat lady, too. So adorable!

  3. Adrian's Crazy Life

    These are some of the cutest costumes I've seen in a long time. I think my favorite is the bananas in pajamas one – that just cracked me up. I love costumes that are super easy and funny. Here is my favorite 5 minute costume – "Nudist on strike". You just put on as many clothes as you can possibly manage, and make a picket sign to carry. Easy peesy! Really gets a lot of double takes and it's modest too. When did costume shops start looking like Fredrick's of Hollywood? I'm just sayin…. Happy Halloween!


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