Major Pageant Girl Problems:
Combat High Heels + Lifeless Feet with Kushyfoot

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One of the most commonly preached pageant and modeling tips is to wear heels… everywhere you go. Outside of cleaning in the comfort of your own home, you should probably be wearing 3-4 inch heels to create the false impression of added height for us “average” folks (according to the so-called beauty experts). For girls like me who have little grace and horrendously awkward feet, this can be problematic… and painful.

Not only am I highly susceptible to tripping, but my feet end up looking swollen and even less attractive by the end of the day. Luckily, the foot marketing gods have already heard our cries of pain, and this news couldn’t come at a better time, given the holidays and all the related seasonal events. With New Years only a few days away, any methodologies for mitigating my foot pains (What am I? A grandma?) are greatly appreciated. Here are a few of my favorite fun foot remedies–that’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one–for coping with society’s obsession with pumps:


1. KushyFoot Shaper Tights


Kushyfoot is a new brand that manufactures fleece-lined legwear and shaping tights. These stylish new tights provide a combination of soft comfort and a massaging, reflexology-inspired sole in a contemporary style that accessorizes wardrobes, flatters legs, and keeps your feet feelin’ good. They so graciously provided me with some road test samples, and I instantly became a fan. Thanks, guys!


With skirts and dresses maintaining fashion momentum, particularly during the cold winter season, boots are the obvious choice of footwear. These tights are a perfect companion for heeled boots, since they look adorable and massage your feet with durable sole technology and LYCRA-certified beauty fabrics. I live in my black and brown heeled Nine West boots, but by the end of a full day of playing, my feet are done. Done. These tights genuinely exacerbated my end-of-day foot pains, all-the-while attracting compliments and inquiries from friends. Kushyfoot shaper tights can be purchased in microfiber, heather, rib, fishnet, or diamond pattern for $8.99. They also make fleece-lined tights and fleece-lined trouser socks for added comfort without the bulk of heavy lining.


2. Kushyfoot Flats to Go


Another gem and signature item from the Kushyfoot line are their Flats to Go, available in patent, metallic, perforated, snake skin print, zebra print, alligator embossed, and fleecy leopard (my fave). Just like a mini-mergency kit, I carry these adorable flats around in my purse for a quick fix for achy feet. Even with their light-weight fabric and ultra-portability, they’re comfy yet durable with a three-dimensional massaging sole. It is recommended, though, that they be worn only indoors and on smooth surfaces, which is somewhat counterproductive in my opinion (why wouldn’t you just be barefoot?). I keep mine with me during my nights on the town and utilize my super fabulous leopard flats for a quick outfit change on the walk back to my car. They have the feel of a house slipper (hence recommended to use only indoors), so beware of glass and sharp-edged items on the sidewalk/grass/wherever you choose to roam. Kushyfoot Flats to Go are available in sizes 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 for $9.99.


3. Dr. Scholl’s for Her Sole Impressions Insoles

I literally don’t wear heels without these insoles. They offer discrete style and amazing comfort for all of your shoes, not just pumps, with soft foam that absorbs shock in your heel and cushions the sensitive ball-of-foot area. They’re inexpensive, although it’s suggested that you replace every six months, which can get excessive, and come in a variety of fun prints. My only caveat would be the sizing; one size apparently fits foot sizes 6 to 10, which literally isn’t possible. If you have remarkably tiny or large feet, make sure they’ll actually fit in your shoe before you purchase. A pack of 3 stylish Dr. Scholl’s for Her Sole Impression Insoles is $14.99. Beauty queen essential for sure.


How do you cope with achy feet? Do you endure the pain or forgo heels altogether?


Have a wonderful rest of 2013! Where did it go?

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Combat High Heels + Lifeless Feet with Kushyfoot

  1. Ashliegh

    I feel ya on the high heels and sore feet thing! Competition days are always so long with the never-ending rehearsals! Hopefully this year I can (finally) win my first MAO local and get to experience long appearance days!


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