Essentials for the Entertaining Professional:
Matrick and Eve Designs

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Matrick and Eve Designs


Matrick and Eve Designs is my newest paper obsession. Not only is their branding story a precious one— decided upon the company name by combining the names of the owners’ three children– but they’re insanely talented, creative, and accommodating to special requests. The founding husband-wife duo has 15 years of experience in the paper industry, and although they still sell to individual buyers like me on their website, they also stock the inventory of renown wholesalers nationwide.


Matrick and Eve Designs

No, they don’t just design stationery, although I do love a good set of stationery. They design adorably witty and state-specific greeting cards, gift enclosure cards, gift tagsgift stickers, and wine tags. You’ll never look at Hallmark the same way again.

Matrick and Eve Designs


Want to get your entertainer on? They carry some of the cutest coasters I’ve ever seen, which are downright perfect and affordable soirĆ©e decor… or just for keeping a set at your desk so people’s water rings don’t ruin your wood furniture– ie. my biggest pet peeve ever, aside from strangers walking too close to me.


You can also find matching recipe cards and paper placemats to further enhance your domestic street cred.


Matrick and Eve Designs


Last but certainly not least– oh my GOSH, their stationery, notebooks, and notepads are my favorite. I’m a compulsive list maker; maybe it’s just for the sheer satisfaction of giving myself a check mark, who knows– all I do know is that colorful action items are an immediate productivity booster. With my 17 or so jobs, I need something cute to keep my attention span on track. I ordered the appropriately-labeled “I Need More than 24 in a Day” notepad, and I love it. In fact, co-workers ask to steal sheets off my notepad on the reg, and I absolutely won’t allow it. They’ve even designed notepads and checklists specifically for brides-to-be, maids of honor, book clubs– literally everything, and they’re all as cute as can be.


Even in my financial day job, I still like my notes and gentle mementos (ie. do-this-or-die-type notes) to be cute and eye-catching. Now when someone ignores my post-its or emails, I drop one of these fancy “Foil Bonjour and Green Stripe” note cards on their desk. That’s my unofficial way of saying I mean business, since I’m wasting an adorable piece of stationery on their lack of productivity.


Matrick and Eve Designs

Aren’t you obsessed? Plus, their products are so affordable, it’s nuts. A set of stationery is under $20, a set of coasters is under $15, and the Matrick and Eve greeting cards and gift tags/stickers/inserts are sold individually, so you don’t need to buy any more than you need. Love, love, love these guys! Be sure to check them out!


Happy Monday!


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Matrick and Eve Designs

  1. Anna Baun

    How absolutely fantastic is this brand?!? I am completely in love and processing my order of the entire site now šŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing their great story! XO



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