Affordable Pink and Gold Office Decor [Updated!]

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Southern lifestyle blogger Stephanie Ziajka rounds up affordable pink and gold office decor on Diary of a Debutante

All this extra time at home has made my urge to redecorate harder and harder to ignore. As a courtesy to Kyle, I try to keep our mutual living spaces somewhat gender-neutral, which has meant putting away the majority of my girly pink home decor accents (and replacing it all with 500+ ginger jars). Any designated “she shed” areas are fair game, though. That said, I’ve been wanting to redo my office forever, but I just couldn’t set aside enough time to think through the space. It’s a converted attic, so finding the right pieces can be challenging, since it’s basically a giant triangular prism. Fortunately, now that I do have time, I’ve found a handful of absolutely gorgeous pink and gold office decor, and I want them all! If you’re looking to spruce up your home office, keep reading for all my favorite pink and gold office ideas!

Affordable Pink and Gold Office Decor | 1-10

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Pink and gold office ideas by southern lifestyle blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

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1. Blush 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet– This blush 2-drawer filing cabinet is probably the cutest filing cabinet I’ve ever seen. It’s currently on sale for $150 and also comes in white! For a slightly more affordable filing cabinet, check out this one instead! It has silver hardware, but you could easily spray paint it! 

2. X-Framed 2-Drawer Desk– The white and gold version of this x-framed desk comes in and out of stock, but it also comes in a gorgeous navy blue and black! If the white and gold version is out of stock, try this look-alike instead! It’s a little pricier but has rave reviews. 

3. Kate Spade Desk Accessories Set– This adorable Kate Spade desk accessories set comes with gold scissors, a ruler, and a staple remover. Check out a similar (and more budget-friendly) set of acrylic desk accessories on Amazon here!

4. Pink Magazine Holders (Set of 2)– These light pink magazine holders are ultra sturdy and look so clean and chic styled on bookshelves! They’re available in 7 different colors and classic prints, too.

5. Gold LED Desk Lamp– This gold LED desk lamp is ultra classic and has a gorgeous marble base!

6. Magnetic Monthly Calendar Dry Erase Board– I have three of these monthly calendar dry erase boards mounted on the wall in my office and use them every single day. Not only are they great for content planning, they also make surprisingly attractive wall decor. They’re available in silver, too!

7. Plush Mid-Back Office Chair– This plush white and gold office chair is available in pearl, blue, black, and brown! You can also find a gorgeous white upholstered office chair with arms (at right around the same price point) here.

8. Kate Spade Document Holder– I bought practically this entire line of acrylic office accessories when I started decorating my new home office, and I love every piece. For being “designer,” this document holder is crazy affordable, and it looks so clean and chic on my desk. Grab the matching clear acrylic pencil holder, business card holder, and acrylic letter tray, too!

9. Pink Marble Hanging File Folders– These pink marble hanging file folders come in a box of 12 and are durable as all get-out. They come in 3 different fun patterns, too!

10. Gold Etagere Bookshelf– This gorgeous gold etagere bookshelf takes a standard bookshelf to a whole new level of chic. I’m ordering 3– 2 for our living room and 1 for my office. This particular bookshelf is under $200 and has above a 4.5-star rating with 1,700+ reviews! For a slightly more affordable version from Walmart, click here.

Affordable Pink and Gold Office Decor | 11-19

HOW TO SHOP: Scroll below to the corresponding number from the collage and click the link. You can also click anywhere on the collage to view my Pink and Gold Office Ideas list on Amazon. 

Affordable home decor blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares gold and pink office decor ideas on Diary of a Debutante

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11. 2-Piece Trunk Set– My office is a converted attic, so I appreciate cute and clever storage solutions that don’t conform to even walls. These adorable trunks come in a set of 2 and can hold an impressive amount of stuff. Plus, they come in a few different colors, too, including blush on blush!

12. Pink and Gold Side Chair– This pink and gold side chair is the perfect mix of mid-century modern and office glam. It comes in 4 different colors, too!

13. Gold Aluminum Mouse Pad– I bought this gold mouse pad a few weeks back and absolutely love it. I hate slippery mousepads, and this one absolutely does not budge. It also adds a fun pop of gold to my desk– and it comes in 3 colors and is ultra easy to clean, too.  

14. Bliss Collections Tear-Off Daily Planner– Thoughtful daily planners for solopreneurs are hard to come by, but this one hits all the marks. It’s got space to help organize daily appointments and tasks, track water intake, monitor health and fitness goals, and plan daily meals– all in one tear-off pad. These pink and gold pens go great with it, too!

15. Medallion Blush Area Rug– I love using rugs to add texture and pops of soft color to my primarily white office. This medallion blush area rug is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect shade of pink. If you’re shopping for a lighter/slightly-less-pink office rug, though, check out this one instead!

16. 3-Pocket Wall Mount Document Organizer– Again, my office is a converted attic, so I don’t have much usable wall space. I love these wall mount document organizers because they can go anywhere (even on slanted ceiling walls) and help keep papers/mail/clutter off my desk. They come in a set of 3, too!

17. Blush Power Strip– I mean, if you’re going to have a power strip, it may as well be pink, right?! I love that this one has 2 built-in USB ports, too. 

18. “Blush Field, Gold Streak” Framed Wall Canvas– How gorgeous is this canvas? It has a stunning watercolor vibe to it that I haven’t found in any other piece (especially not at this price point), and I just love it. It doesn’t hurt that it looks 10x more expensive than it is either. 

19. White and Gold Writing Desk– This sweet little white and gold writing desk is perfect for smaller office spaces! Alternatively, I found a slightly bigger (and pricier) version here, too. Also, if you want to add some pink office supplies and accessories to it, this anti-slip pink desk mat is has a 5-star rating!

I literally can’t wait for my chic but girly home office to actually be chic and girly again, you guys. For more of my favorite pink and gold office decor ideas (including a bunch more pink and gold desk accessories!), check out my Amazon shopping list here! I update it as soon as I find new pink office ideas, so there’s quite a bit more to choose from.

Thanks so much for reading, y’all!


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