The Power of Rice:
Rice Force Natural SkinCare Review + Giveaway

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Rice Force, Giveaway, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante

My skin usually goes through cycles. When it’s clear, all is good in the world. When I’m breaking out, the salicylic acne treatments and sonic cleansing often leave my already annoyed skin even more dry and agitated. The last thing I want to do is add more irritants to the mix, so I’m really careful about which moisturizing products I use. I was recently introduced to Rice Force, which is an 100% natural skincare line for anti-aging and trouble-free skin maintenance. After years of proven success as Japan’s premier skincare line, it’s popularity is finally infiltrating the United States beauty scene for the first time.

The best thing about this trifecta of Rice Force products is that they’re clinically proven to cause less irritation than distilled water. For me personally, the lack of potential irritation is huge, since excess redness and inflammation equates to more acne– which starts the entire nasty process over again. The beautifying power lies with Rice Power Extract, which has been fully tested for allergies, including rice allergy, and screened for possible side effects with the cooperation of specialist medical institutions including various Dermatology wards.

The three steps to the Rice Force regimen include the Deep Moisture Lotion for toning and hydration, the Deep Moisture Essence for silky serum boost-age, and the Deep Moisture Cream for protection. A little of each product goes a very long way, and you’ll be so pleased with how amazing your skin feels, especially if you’re plagued with sensitive combination skin like mine.

Rice Force, Giveaway, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante

Oh, and Rice Force recently teamed up with LookMazing to give away 5 Rice Force Deep Moisture Series Deluxe Trial Kits. You can enter their awesome giveaway here by adding the Deluxe Rice Force Trial Kit to your LookMazing wish list. The giveaway goes live today and ends October 5th at noon PST. Good luck!

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