Must-Know Shoe Hack: Sizers Shoe Inserts

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Sizers, Sizer Shoe Inserts, Diary of a Debutante, Stephanie Ziajka

I have no idea how Sizers shoe inserts haven’t been a thing for longer. I mean, we can choose from a plethora of inserts to make shoes more comfortable– yet the idea of creating a discrete prototype insert that fits in the toe of the shoe to make slightly large closed-toe heels fit properly went untouched for years. Since I’ve dropped quite a bit of weight over the past few years, my feet have actually shrunk, as well, so all my staple heels just don’t fit anymore. It’s frustrating, too, because like clothes, if your shoes don’t fit, you don’t really have anything to wear– and then you buy all new stuff to get rid of the old stuff. Then you gain inevitably weight again, yet you got rid of all your formerly ill-fitting wardrobe– and the vicious cycle continues.

Anyways, rant over. I’m super excited to share Sizers shoe inserts with y’all in today’s post! 

Sizers, Sizer Shoe Inserts, Diary of a Debutante, Stephanie ZiajkaThe Sizers shoe inserts variety pack includes all 3 of their color-coded sizes, with the pink insert reducing footwear by 1/4 of a shoe size, purple reducing footwear by 1/2 of a shoe size,  and orange (my favorite) reducing footwear by one whole shoe size.

Sizers, Sizer Shoe Inserts, Diary of a Debutante, Stephanie Ziajka

Why do I love these so much? They do exactly what they’re supposed to do. Sizers shoe inserts stop feet from sliding forward, help with shoe sizing and it issues, and are reusable from shoe to shoe– and believe me, I tested their durability. They can be used in all closed-toe footwear, including boots, flats, heels, etc., officially making Sizers my favorite shoe hack of all time. The only downside is that they’re relatively new, so you do need to order them online, which you can do here.

Thanks for reading, y’all! For a few more of my favorite affordable clothing hacks (think at-home stain shield remedies and makeshift hemlines), click here.


7 thoughts on “Must-Know Shoe Hack: Sizers Shoe Inserts

  1. robjodiefilogomo

    The bad thing about shoes not fitting is you can’t get them altered unlike clothes! So these inserts are like an easy altering for your shoes. I’ve used kleenex before in my shoes, but it does mash down quite a bit by the end of the day and comes apart! jodie


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