Don’t Be Shy, Be a Star:
Shine On with The Shine Project

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The Shine Project, This Is My Year
Yes, for those of you curious, the title is absolutely a reference to the Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan “Lifesize” movie. On a much more serious note, if you’ve never heard of The Shine Project, I highly recommend you take a peek at their mission statement. An emulator of love, sacrifice, and change, The Shine Project is a cause-driven business that changes the future of at-risk youth. They are paid fair wages for the bracelets they make, and in turn, they’re able to pay their way through school. Even beyond financial support, your belief in them is a symbol of hope and trust that they can achieve what previously seemed impossible. By purchasing Threads, the name of this project, you are wearing more than just a piece of jewelry; you’re wearing change.
Their purpose is to inspire you to live the highest quality of life possible, while also motivating you to join their efforts in making the world a better and brighter place. When I saw this “This Is Your Year” shirt, I knew it a) epitomized the official mission of The Shine Project and b) spoke to me in a strangely personal way. Should I need to physically wear a reminder that life is all about attitude? No, but it’s strangely motivating. Full outfit details at the bottom of this post.
The Shine Project, This Is My Year
The Shine Project, This Is My Year
In addition to the fabulous cause and message at hand, this top is adorable and pairs perfectly with jeans. You can dress it up with heels and a blazer, as well, which is exactly what I did this past weekend. Add some sunglasses, like these $18 “Faye” beauties from Fantas-Eyes, and you’re a walking vision of charitable chic.
This Is My Year, The Shine Project
The best part about their tees? This isn’t the only one. You’ll find a variety of adorable “Be Kind” and “Shine” inspirational tees and sweatshirts on their Threads website. Plus, who could forget about the hand-made jewelry, including some of my very favorite styles of necklaces and bracelets? Fabulous and philanthropic all in one.
The Shine Project

Top: The Shine Project | Jeans: Express | Heels: LC Lauren Conrad | Bag: Coach (No Longer Available), Similar Here | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Sunglasses: Fantas-Eyes

Shine on, lovebugs!

♥ Stephanie


4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Shy, Be a Star:
Shine On with The Shine Project

  1. Girl Meets Bow

    A) I love that you referenced "Life Sized" – one of my favorite childhood movies (along with that Disney Channel one about Justin Timberlake dating that high school girl!) 🙂

    B) Love the mission of the Shine Project! Can't wait to check them out!! I love a cute product with a mission that matters 🙂

    Girl Meets Bow

  2. My Froley

    I remember coming across the shine project a couple of years ago. They have so much more things now for sale !! I'm loving their stack !! And this t-shirt is awesome !


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