Things I Loved: January Edition

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It’s a well known fact that January was officially 89 days too long. I’m not sure if it was the crazy weather or just the fact that Christmas came and went too quickly, but I’ve never been so happy to see February 1st pop up on my iPhone. That being said, at least January was eventful. My big brother got married, I experienced my first (and hopefully last) polar vortex, and Nellie mastered the “stay” command– all in one month! Wins all around. 

As part of a brand new series for 2019, I wanted to share 10 quick things I loved in January! I’ll be publishing these round-ups around the 1st of every new month, so keep an eye out for future posts, as well. So, here we go– from energy shots to true crime documentaries, here are the little things that made last month a little more bearable:

1. This turtleneck is the comfiest/softest/warmest sweater I’ve found all year. In fact, I love it so much that I bought it in 3 colors (black, white, and camel). As far as sizing goes, I ordered mediums because I can’t stand tight sweaters, and I love that I can wear thermal layers underneath without looking bulky.

2. Kyle’s been trying to cut down on his coffee consumption, so I was super excited to partner with 5-Hour Tea on a sponsored Instagram project. Each shot is 4 calories, sugar-free, and caffeinated from green tea leaves. Even if you’re not a fan of 5-Hour Energy, these are ridiculously tasty and give you a pretty incredible boost, especially in the morning.

3. Not every dress from Shein is created equal, but this cross wrap Bardot dress is a gosh darn steal. It’s elegant, shockingly well made, and under $40. I wore it in navy (size small) to my brother’s wedding last weekend, and it was a big hit.

4. Kyle and I are trying to cook more of our own meals, but every time we thoughtfully meal prep, we end up spending wayyy too much money at the grocery store. We decided meal delivery services may be the way to go for the time being. We’ve cycled through introductory deals for just about all of them, but this meal delivery service is my absolute favorite.

5. If you’re having trouble making new habits stick (or nixing old bad habits), read this book. Kyle and I finished it at the beginning of the year, and it’s completely changed our routines for the better. 

6. Yes, we jumped on the Fyre Festival bandwagon just like everyone else, and Netflix’s Fyre and Hulu’s Fyre Fraud documentaries were both fascinating mixes of true crime and pure humor. Hulu’s doc features a full interview with Billy McFarland, but Netflix’s features more Andy King, aka the unsung hero of the whole shebang.

7. This chrome extension is a serious game changer! It helps you find just about anyone’s email in 5 seconds or less. 

8. I have super sensitive skin, and this face wash really is as good as the reviews say. I started using it with my Clarisonic once a day, and my skin’s never felt better, which is substantial considering the erratic winter weather we’ve been having. 

9. These nautical dog collars are pricey, but they’re classic, durable, and benefit animal welfare and rescue efforts. They also sell dog leashes, too!

10. I downloaded these mobile presets for Lightroom, and they’re awesome. If you like creating light and airy photographs with minimal effort, check them out! 

Cheers to a great month! PS- I’ll be sharing some of the feedback and results from my 2019 Reader Feedback Survey shortly. Thank you again to everyone who took the time to fill it out! Y’all absolutely rock. 


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  1. Marta

    Thank you for sharing! I love it when people share their favourites because there’s always something that might spark my interest. That SheIn dress looks beautiful and really classy, I love it.


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