Boys Like Valentine's Day, Too: Last Minute Gift Ideas for Guys

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I literally dread buying presents for dudes. A few Christmases ago, I got my dad a candle that was thoughtfully intended to invoke feelings of positive childhood nostalgia, and his response was, “Um. Is this a joke?” Case in Point, when I try, I fail even harder. Valentine’s Day can be especially difficult, since you don’t want to try too hard but still want to make it look like you care with some semblance of originality. Since Valentine’s Day literally snuck up on me this year, I asked a few guy friends for some last-minute  gift ideas for guys, and I managed to squeeze out some surprisingly unique ideas. Here are 14 of my favorite gift ideas for guys, and amazingly enough, you still have enough time to order before the big day (but seriously, you should probably order them today): Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Gift Ideas for Guys, Gifts for Guys, Valentine's Day Gifts, Gifts for Him, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante1. Sick in the Head: Conversations about Life and Comedy by Judd Apatow (yes, the guy who wrote and produced 40 Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, This is 40– all the best, most hilarious movies of the millennial generation), $27 | 2. 3D Golf Swing Analyzer, $149.99 | 3. ‘Oatmeal Stout’ One Gallon Beer Making Kit, $40 | 4. Ultra Classy Monogrammed Glass Ice Bucket, $69.95 | 5. Ray-Ban Original Aviators, $150 | 6. Mug with a Hoop Cup (for the MBA wannabe in all of us), $24 | 7. Alpha Fit Sonic Cleansing System for Men, $189 | 8. Playing Card Cuff Links, $150 | 9. SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker, $116 | 10. MVMT Leather Strap Watch, $95 | 11. Millennium Falcon Drone, $109.99 | 12. Lacoste Pique Polo, $89.50 | 13. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne (what I imagine 007 smells like), $220 | 14. Valentine Sour Gummy Hearts, $12.95

I hope this is helpful for my fellow Valentine’s Day procrastinators! If you can think of any other clever gift ideas for guys, please share– I need all the help I can get. Good luck, ladies!


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