Product Review: Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

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Hello, Florida summer…. and {unfortunately} hello, super dry summer skin. I’m much more excited to see one of you than the other. Because increased exposure to Florida’s sun inevitably translates into a dry skin epidemic, I have to be very selective in my choice of lotion. Although it’d be nice to rub thousand-dollar moisturizer packed with unknown yet alluring “precious” ingredients all over my body, it’s just not practical. or sensible. I opt for efficacy over 2+ digit price tag, and drug stores do just fine.

I’ve never trusted a brand more than I trust Vaseline— for a multitude of reasons actually. Now I’m thrilled because they’ve unveiled their first-ever moisturizing body serums, known for  advanced benefits in face and hair care, with ten times the healing power to reverse dry skin damage, which Lord knows I’ve got. They’re also known for healing even the worst cases of dry skin in under 5 days, so that’s not too darn shabby. Now, I’m 100% ready to bask in the sun without fear of excess peeling, irritation, and general nastiness from dry and burnt skin 24 hours later. Give me a cocktail, some snacks, and a good book… I’m golden (pun intended).

Vaseline, Lotion, Summer Moisture
Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serums, Vaseline, Lotion, Summer


Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serums are formulated with superior, highly-concentrated healing ingredients which come in three different {non-greasy} variants. The Advanced Relief formula {my current lifesaver} moisturizes to heal and calm severely dry skin, the Radiance Restore formula moisturizes to heal and restore radiance to dry, dull skin, and the Deep Repair formula deeply moisturizes to heal rough, cracked skin. This quality of skin care easily rivals their high-dollar competitors.

You can find all variations of  Vaseline® Intensive CareTM Advanced Repair at Walmart for under $8. Oh, and be sure to check in the Sunday paper on March 22nd to save $2 on these fabulous Vaseline® Intensive Care™ summer essentials.

Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serums

Include this– and probably some aloe, too, to be on the safe side– in your summer survival kit, and you’ll be bronzed and beautiful all season long.
Hope you’re having a great weekend!
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