Weathering the Sunshine with Dove Advanced Care

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Okay, so with all this “summer body” talk, I have to admit there’s another major bodily concern on this beauty queen’s hands. Nobody, and I mean nobody, looks (or smells) inviting when they’re experiencing extreme perspiration, ie bad BO. Seeing as how I live in the Sunshine State, this is an epidemic that plagues me and my fellow Floridians relentlessly from mid-April through late November. That whole “ladies don’t sweat, we glisten” adage doesn’t apply in these supersonic temperatures. Also, red and inflamed underarms are never pretty, especially when you are planning on having any amount of fun at the beach or lake. Typically a full range of mobility is necessary to hit maximum levels of potential merriment, and you just can’t get that flexibility unless you’re confident in your deodorant.


I struggled a bit with finding a deodorant that worked with both my freakishly sensitive skin and my natural habitat, and after a slew of failures that produced horrendously unattractive rashes/just didn’t work effectively, I’m so glad I found Dove Advanced Care. It’s the only antiperspirant formulated with  NutriumMoisture™ to provide extra underarm care while still providing up to 48-hour odor and wetness protection. Their Advanced Care formula moisturizes delicate skin to provide softer, smoother underarms in just 3 days. Plus, it literally creates zero deodorant marks on your clothes, so I don’t have to feel self conscious wearing any one of my 9280285 LBDs, and I don’t have to worry about unattractive rashes making their convenient debut when I’m frolicking at lake parties.


Dove Advanced Care Deodorant
Dove Advanced Care Deodorant


Oh, and if you’ve never taken a gander at your local drug store, Dove’s Advanced Care deodorants come in the most fabulous signature fragrances. I’m currently obsessed with Beauty Fresh, since it smells like a euphoric mixture of sparkling florals, sophisticated sandalwood, and amber musk, but floral and fruity Revive and Nourished Beauty are a close second and third. I always feel like kind of creeper smelling a bunch of deodorants in a secluded aisle for over 15 minutes, but whatever. Target hasn’t kicked me out yet.


Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

Are you an avid Dove Advanced Care user, too? What antiperspirant products have worked best for you?

2 days til my Memorial Day Girls Weekend (Praise the LORD, Hallelujah)!


♥ Stephanie


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Weathering the Sunshine with Dove Advanced Care

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