The Ultimate Makeup Detox:
Simplify Your Skin with Simple Skincare

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I love being a titleholder, but my skin apparently doesn’t share my liking to pageantry. After a day spent in full stage makeup, my skin needs a detox pronto or I’ll have visible rashes and acne popping up all over the place. It’s a curse I’ve been plagued with since puberty, and I’ve learned that the only remedy for overworked and dirty skin is specially-formulated sensitive skin care products, like Simple®, combined with engulfing a ton of quality h2o.


Most people’s first reaction when they feel a breakout coming on is scrubbing the heck out of their skin and piling on mounds of salicylic acid. I admit this was my strategy, too, before my dermatologist scolded me for my severe skin irritation and overall lack of hydration. Since prescription facial products were out of my price range at the time, a friend recommended Simple Skincare, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Simple® is gentle to your skin yet still effective enough to leave your freshly-washed face feeling clean. Their products contain zero parabens, dyes, artificial perfumes, or harsh irritants, so post stage makeup antagonism, it’s the perfect cleanser for clearing clogged pores and restoring that natural glow everyone loves.


Simple Skin Care Products at Walgreens


Some of my favorite Simple® Skin Care products are their Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer, which pumps your skin with instant hydration without feeling heavy or slimy, and their Foaming Facial Cleanser, which literally rinses out your pores and leaves nothing behind but clean, fresh, and hydrated skin… my dermatologist’s dream. You’d be proud, Dr. Palceski. Oh, and for nighttime relief, the new Simple Nourishing 24-hour Day/Night Cream gives me super smooth, soft, and calm skin overnight.


If you want to try the detoxifying wondersSimple Skincare for yourself, Walgreens just so happens to be having a promotion right now! If you buy any two or more participating Simple® products at Walgreens during the month of May, you’ll get 2,000 Balance Rewards Points. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one; you get mad coups on the reg! Plus, with your Balance Rewards Card, participating Simple® products are Buy 1 Get 1 50% off.


Simple Skin Care Products at Walgreens


Also, don’t forget that staying hydrated is key to restoring your skin to its optimal sparkle. I try and drink 8 cups a day, and I bump it up to 10 or 12 when my face is feeling blah. My esthetician also recommended I take an Evening Primrose Oil supplement three times per day, and I’ve become incredibly convinced of its glowing side effects. The capsules are large, but I will gladly stomach their size for their beauty rewards.


How do you recover from overworked skin? Any brands and/or products I should know about?


♥ Stephanie


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Simplify Your Skin with Simple Skincare

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