The Most Purrrfect Greeting Cards:
Hallmark Funniest Pets Collection

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Hallmark Funniest Pets Cards, #FunnyPetCards, #CollectiveBias, #shop


Ever since I was little, I’ve been adamant about mailing greeting cards. It’s just a southern indicator of good taste and manners. Texts, emails, wall posts, you name it… it’s never as meaningful as getting official Hallmark greeting cards in the mail. Plus, from there on out, your recipients are more likely to reciprocate the gesture, so you get mail, too. Everybody wins.


I have a few major birthdays coming up, so I decided to check out Walmart’s greeting card stash during my last casual visit. To my utter shock and elation, they’ve stocked up on what is known as the Hallmark Funniest Pets Greeting Cards Collection. If you only knew how many lolcats memes I send on a daily basis, you’d understand how excited this discovery made me.  Apparently this particular section features funniest pet card contest winners, who submitted the most hilarious animal pictures with the most clever captions. Needless to say, those whose ideas made it to the Walmart shelves were deserving. Observe their work below.

Hallmark Funniest Pets Cards, #FunnyPetCards, #CollectiveBias, #shop

Once you’ve located this treasure trove of greetings in Walmart, your next daunting task is to narrow down your top selections, which is obviously difficult… considering the above photo alone includes a cat stuck in a brick wall and a giant headshot of a rooster. Whether you’re a cat, dog, bird, or even a turtle person, I guarantee you’ll find something to laugh at.

After about an hour of decision making (and intense giggling), I’m pretty sure Walmart’s staff started to wonder whether or not I was homeless. I picked out my absolute favorites to send as birthday cards– and of course, to share with y’all. This beat-droppin’ pup lands in my elusive top spot on the Favorite Cards Ever Made list.

Hallmark Funniest Pets Cards, #FunnyPetCards, #CollectiveBias, #shop

I warned you that I love lolcats. Give me an evil cat and a fish bowl, and I’m sold every time. Not naming any names, but this baby is going out in the mail to a fellow fat cat lover tomorrow morning.

Hallmark Funniest Pets Cards, #FunnyPetCards, #CollectiveBias, #shop

Here we go again with the amazing lolcats. Sassy moo moo cat has my mom written all over him, and her birthday just happens to be in a few days, so that’s a perfect fit if I ever saw one. Ya, I’m also kind of banking on the fact that she doesn’t read my blog as much as she claims she does. If not, spoiler alert.

Hallmark Funniest Pets Cards, #FunnyPetCards, #CollectiveBias, #shop


Another great perk of purchasing Hallmark’s Funniest Pets Greeting Cards? You earn credits through the Hallmark Rewards Program, which honors Walmart shoppers for purchasing Hallmark cards, and you can redeem them anywhere. For every 5 cards you buy, you’ll earn a reward. Not too shabby for some quality comedic correspondence. Sign up for the Hallmark Card Rewards Program here!


In conclusion, I hope I introduced you to something which will motivate you to mail old-fashioned, hilarious pet greeting cards. How can you not smile when you pull one of these out of an envelope?! Which one is your favorite?


Have a great weekend! 🙂


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21 thoughts on “The Most Purrrfect Greeting Cards:
Hallmark Funniest Pets Collection

  1. Emily Finta

    Love these cards, I'll have to mail one out to my best friend that just moved out of state!
    Stopping by from the Collective Social Hop! Can't wait to read more from you! 🙂

  2. Peggy

    Sammy is the Sushi one card. He is wonderful and thanks for the kind words. I love his card and just had it framed. He’s been my baby for 14 years now.

    Peggy Mynes


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