Drink Yourself Pretty: Infused Fruit Water Guide

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Hi, I’m Stephanie, and I’m addicted to coffee. When you get more money in Starbucks gift cards than you do in actual cash on holidays, you realize your obsession may (potentially) be unhealthy. I’ve got some major physical preparations to do for Miss Florida USA this summer, and my body cannot afford to be dehydrated. Ever since my slew of health debacles last year, my body is even more susceptible to extreme dehydration and all of its harmful side effects, so I really have to work in order to ingest enough quality h2o.

To be honest, I don’t like the taste of plain water. I don’t know if that makes me weird or not, but it’s true. So, any flavorful combinations that naturally infuse boring old water are of great interest to me. Plus, you’re not consuming any of the artificial flavors and sugars found in most of the commercially bought vitamin waters and juices. Remember: this is an infusion, not a juice. Therefore, the amount of sugar and calories is the same as water– zero. The all natural flavors simply permeate the water, creating a delicious and nutritious elixir of vitamins and minerals. Here is an infused fruit water guide featuring my current four favorite recipes:

Infused Fruit Water Guide: 4 Infused Water Recipes to Try

1. Lemon Lime Water

Infused Fruit Water Guide, Infused Water, Infused Fruit Water, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante


Citrus water in general is awesome, but lemon + lime is my personal favorite combination. Lemons and limes do more than just boldly flavor your water; they help regulate your digestive track, stimulate bile production, and provide a ton of Vitamin C– which increases the production of collagen, improves the absorption of iron, and reduces skin blemishes//improves your complexion. You can add oranges, too, for a more full-bodied citrus taste.

2. Cucumber Water

Infused Fruit Water Guide, Infused Water, Infused Fruit Water, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante



In my building at work, there’s a restaurant called 310, and they introduced me to the glory of cucumber water. Cucumber water, in a nutshell, is awesome. Cucumbers are rich in Vitamin K, act a natural diuretic, and help increase the skin’s moisture and elasticity, which is why you find it in so many skin products on the market. Additionally, although not as high in antioxidants as other intensely-colored vegetables, this designated “spa water” can help you age more gracefully.

3. Strawberry Lime Water

Infused Fruit Water Guide, Infused Water, Infused Fruit Water, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante




Strawberry and lime is a definite infused water favorite of mine; however, strawberries– berries in general for that matter– lose their favorable flavor relatively quickly, so this is more of a “let is steep for a few hours” type concoction. Strawberries are known for a slew of nutritional perks, including the protection of immune health and regulation of digestion. Plus, their sweet flavor mixes well with everything, so play around with them and try adding lemons, kiwis, etc. for variations in taste. Also, adding sparkling water really makes for a sweet, refreshing, and bubbly treat!

4. Detox Water 

Infused Fruit Water Guide, Infused Water, Infused Fruit Water, Stephanie Ziajka, Diary of a Debutante



I drink this detox water by the pitcher when I’m feeling blah. Combine all ingredients generously and let it steep overnight. The lemons help cleanse and alkalize the body, the mint helps settle your stomach and aids in digestion, and the cucumber contains anti-inflammatories and accelerates re-hydration. This super potion is not only fabulous for a quick detox, but it also tastes amazing and has a nice little kick to it.


For more recipes, check out Nutrition Stripped’s Simply Infused Water Guide. She’s got some fabulous infused water recipes that I’m dying to try. What infused water flavors have you tried?Any other recommendations I should add to my own infused fruit water guide?


45 thoughts on “Drink Yourself Pretty: Infused Fruit Water Guide

  1. Jess Suarez

    I personally hate plain water too! I know its horrible and lemon makes water so much better. I love the ideas you have besides lemon! I think I'll try the strawberry lime recipes and the detox one! Those sound delish! Thanks for these ideas.
    Miss America Florida USA Knight wooohooo! You go girl, Knights do it better!
    Xoxo, Jess

    1. [email protected] Post author

      Good for you, girl! You must have incredible skin. I'm envious! I need to jump on your train… I have no excuse anymore for not ingesting enough water, especially not with these delicious infused water recipes lying around.

  2. Curleedst

    WOW all of those look really enticing and delicious! I have been meaning to try infused water for a MINUTE now and never get around to it. Your post has me interested again. I might make some this weekend. Thanks for stopping by WOW Link Up this week!


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