Simple Advice from the Sensitive Skin Experts:
How to Be Kind to Your Skin

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Being Italian and Polish has its perks, the most notable being full-time access to authentic homemade cuisine, but good skin isn’t one of them. My face is pale, oily, and extremely sensitive. Even worse, my genetics didn’t bless me with naturally clear skin (thanks DAD), so although it’s getting better with time, I’d still classify my complexion as acne-prone. When I’m in the middle of a bad breakout, the only thing I want to do is run my Clarisonic on repeat and scrub my face clean until all the pimples are eliminated. However, apparently that’s not great for your face– imagine that— and according to all dermatological sources, it actually makes your sensitive skin break out even worse. So how do I keep my acne and inflammation in check without beating up my skin? The solution is Simple® (see what I did there?).

I’m a huge fan of the entire Simple® line, but since quality skincare time hasn’t been something I’ve got a lot of these days, I’ve become attached to their facial wipes. Simple® facial wipes are tough on makeup, but extremely gentle on skin. They refresh, nourish, and remove even waterproof mascara with just one wipe, and they contain no dyes, artificial perfumes, or harsh irritants that can upset and inflame your skin– just dermis-loving ingredients and added vitamins to give you naturally healthy-looking skin.  I keep a pack in my purse, car, and gym locker at all times, so whether I’m staying last minute at a friend’s house or wanting to detox my skin before a gym class, I can give my face a quick quality wash without rinsing.


Simple, Simple Skincare, Skincare
Simple, Simple Skincare, Skincare


Couple their sensitive skin formula with frequent water chugging and Evening Primrose Oil supplements three times per day, and your skin will be so appreciative in days.


Oh, and compared to their big name “gentleness” competitors, they’re pretty darn cheap. They cost about $5 per pack at Walmart, and after March 22nd, Walmart will be offering a free 7-pack of Simple® wipes with the purchase of any Simple® cleanser or moisturizer in stores.


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Have you tried any awesome new Simple® products? Anything I should try?



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How to Be Kind to Your Skin

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