Things I Loved: April Edition

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Missouri Botanical Garden, lilacs, Best of April: The Top 10 Things I Loved in April 2019 by Stephanie Ziajka from the popular affordable fashion and southern lifestyle blog Diary of a Debutante

Happy May, y’all! I can’t tell you how sad I am that all those amazing “It’s Gonna Be MAY” memes have to be retired for another 11 months. I’m happy, though, that summer’s only a few weeks away, and if we can make it through the next couple weeks of monsoons, I’m really looking forward to resuming our weekly hikes with the girls. Even though spring’s been pretty chilly so far, it hasn’t stopped the blooms. The floriculture in the midwest is downright stunning, and I’m like a kid in a candy store. Seriously, we visited the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis while we were in town for a wedding, and I’ve never seen anything like it. If you’ve got the chance to go– especially in the spring, go!

The Missouri Botanical Garden, as amazing as it was, wasn’t the only wonderful thing about the month of April. Game of Thrones started back up (OMG!), we visited family in Florida for a whole week, and something my black thumb planted in the front yard actually sprouted for once. Needless to say, it was a month to remember. Here are a few more things that made the already great month of April a little more memorable–

1. I’ve been finding the cutest ginger jars on Amazon, and they’re pretty darn affordable! I recently bought this one and this one, and I’ve got this one in my shopping cart. 

2. Cinco de Mayo is around the corner, so I’ve been wearing this cute pink Chips and Salsa Diet tee like crazy. If you do order, SIZE UP. I wear a medium, and it’s snug

3. Even though I only promote products I genuinely use myself, certain collaborations spark more joy (my favorite Marie Kondo phrase) than others. That being said, The Right to Shower is probably my favorite so far this year. Not only are their gel cleansers and bar soaps organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and made with completely recyclable packaging, 100% of proceeds in 2019 are being donated to mobile shower organizations across the country to help provide individual, safe, clean, and fully-quipped bathrooms to those experiencing homelessness in our communities.

4. Y’all know I love my designer dupes, and this cable wire cable wire bracelet is my newest purchase. I actually ordered two (this one and this one), and they look adorable stacked together. For more “look for less” inspiration on Amazon, click here

5. I was hesitant to try Season 3 of True Detective, since last season was so bizarre and virtually impossible to follow. However, it, specifically Mahershala Ali, was pretty amazing. Season 3 involves a relatively straightforward mystery that lacks just a tad of the degeneracy and overall cringiness that made the first season my absolute favorite, but it still had me glued to the TV. 

6. Kyle recently bought this fitness guide book, which recommends taking lavender and Glycine at bedtime to counteract poor sleep. Truth be told, I’m the world’s worst sleeper– I’m up all night at least 2 times a week for no explicable reason. I hate how drowsy I feel after taking medication, so Kyle’s always looking for natural remedies. So far so good with these new ones! 

7. I found this frozen mint julep punch recipe in Pizzazzerie’s Entertain in Style, and it’s to die for. Whip up a batch for Derby Day (Saturday, May 4th) this weekend! 

8. Kyle’s the sweetest ever, and he bought us both Apple Watches to help monitor our activity and sleep. I absolutely love mine. So far, I’m specifically loving the Pillow app, which is free and analyzes my sleep every night, and the built-in activity tracker, which tells me when it’s time to stand up and/or move. I know they’re pricey, which is why I never bought one for myself, but if you’re looking for ways to spend your tax refund, they’re seriously cool little gadgets. 

9. I recently installed the Mailtracker Chrome extension, and it’s a game changer for brand pitching. It tells me if, when, and how many times a recipient has opened any of my emails.

10. It’s been raining non-stop for the past few days (and there’s no end in sight), so I’ll be wrapped up in this cozy loose maxi dress for the distant future. It’s super soft, looks cute tied up in front, and comes in a handful of different colors. 

Also, Part 2 of #10 is this dog paw washer because the girls keep tracking in SO.MUCH.MUD! The only annoying thing is that they try and drink from it while I’m using it, but I digress. It works well and helps me stay sane on rainy days. 

So there you have the best of April! Hope you enjoyed this month’s roundup of the things I enjoyed most over the past few weeks. Cheers to a wonderful May, y’all! 

Photography by Catherine Rhodes


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