Things I Loved: October Edition

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Happy November and (belated) Halloween, you guys! I don’t know about y’all, but October was a pretty incredible month for our household. Kyle and I went on a surprise vacation (ie. we forgot about our reservations until the day of) to the Alpenhorn Gasthaus for Octoberfest, Nala and Nellie started doggy daycare at Creekside (which is a big deal because we were on the waiting list for like… months #prestigious), and Kyle and I finally made some headway in our wedding planning efforts. Plus, I came across some pretty awesome stuff, and I think you guys’ll think it’s all pretty awesome, too. Here are 10 of my favorite things I found during the month of October–-

1. I’m obsessed with these new Jack Rogers leopard print sandals! They’re so cute and perfect for fall. If you’re not a sandals fan (which is understandable if you live outside of Florida or California), check out their new leopard print moccasins and leopard print sneakers, too!

2. Season 5 of Peaky Blinders is SO GOOD, you guys! I’m absolutely not okay with the way it ended, but it’s one of those shows that just sucks you in and keeps you up at night thinking about how the Shelby family’s messes are going to work themselves out. Honestly, though, if you haven’t watched before, I should warn you that it’s pretty violent. I personally hate graphic violence (you can ask Kyle– I refuse to watch anything with blood), and I’ve only made an exception for two shows in my entire life– this one and Game of Thrones. Both worth it

3. These Spode Blue Italian Dinner Plates were such an incredible Amazon find! I’ve been slowly collecting delft blue pieces over the past few years, and I haven’t managed to find any affordable china that I actually like until now. See them featured in a tablescape, along with these matching Spode Blue Italian Pasta Bowls, here!

4. Kyle turned on the Dolly Parton’s America podcast on our way to St. Louis for our engagement photos, and we’re both hooked. She’s a cool lady– that’s all I’ll say. 

5. I splurged on this monogrammed LL Bean robe in cream, and y’all– it’s the softest/cuddliest/coziest robe ever. It’s also ultra warm, which is nice because it’s already dipped into the 20s in Columbia, and you can’t beat LL Bean’s return policy

6. Did you know that a Mean Girls Burn Book eyeshadow palette existed?! I found out on Mean Girls Day (October 3rd, obviously), and I’ve never needed anything more in my life, especially now that it’s on sale.

7. I wore this burgundy long sleeve lace maxi dress for our engagement photos (pics to come!), and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m talking so gorgeous that I just put it on sometimes when I want to feel pretty. It also comes in white and would make a fabulous affordable wedding/wedding reception dress! For reference, it runs long but fits TTS. I’m 5’6″ and ordered an XS, and with heels, both the length and fit were perfect.

8. I got my very first Massage Envy chemical peel to help with my hyperpigmentation last month, and I’ve gotta say– I’m impressed. I’ve gotten a few chemical peels from med spas in the past, and they’ve always hurt like crazy without delivering noticeable enough results to justify the pain. This one made my skin glow and wasn’t painful. They also sent me home with a free PCA SKIN post-procedure kit to use, too!

9. I started using the Ad Inserter plugin to automatically add an affiliate disclosure to the top of every post with affiliate links in it (it’s required by the FTC), and it’s given me such peace of mind. Click here for a great tutorial on how to use it!

10. Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon created a 2020 calendar to help rescue dogs from the Asian meat market and bring them safely to the US, and everyone is getting one for Christmas this year. Please consider buying one (they’re only $15!) or donating directly to this heartbreaking cause. Learn more on their homepage here

Sorry to end on such a somber note there. To lighten the mood, here’s an important PSA: There are now only 53 days until Christmas! How insane is that?! For those of us who live in the Midwest, it’s probably a little less insane because we already had snow this week, but it’s still crazy nonetheless. Coming from Florida, I absolutely love the cold, but it would be nice if all the gorgeous foliage could hang on for a few weeks longer. 

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope y’all had a wonderful (and safe!) Halloween!

Photography by Catherine Rhodes


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