Amazon Fashion Finds: Tie-Dye Style Picks (All under $50!)

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You’ve probably noticed that tie-dye is all over social media right now. It’s literally everywhere– Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest… you can’t miss it. I’ve never been a huge fan (well, not since middle school at least), but given everything going on, I decided it’s worth another shot. I mean, I’ll take all the bold and vibrant colors I can. Anything to remind me of rainbows, summer vacations, and poolside cocktails, you know? Anyways, I did some hunting, and y’all, there are hundreds of downright gorgeous tie-dye fashion finds on Amazon right now! If you’re looking for cute ways to wear tie dye, keep reading. I’m rounding up 16 of my top style picks under $50 in today’s post!

Side Note: I also think it’s pretty cool that you can make your own tie dye clothing at home, too. If you’re looking for a fun quarantine activity (and you can’t find a tie dye kit that looks like it’s for adults– I swear, they all look like they’re made for 8-year-old girls), this dye brand has absolutely stellar ratings! I ordered the rose quartz liquid dye and have been scouring my home for things to dye pink. So pretty!

Tie Dye Style Picks | 1-8

HOW TO SHOP: Scroll below to the corresponding number from the collage and click the link. You can also click anywhere on the collage to view my Tie-Dye Fashion Finds shopping list on Amazon. 

Affordable fashion blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares her top tie dye fashion finds under $50 on Diary of a Debutante

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1. Blue Tie Dye Maxi Dress– This short sleeve maxi dress is one of my favorite Amazon fashion finds of all time. I own it in a few colors and love everything about the fit (and the pockets). This gorgeous blue tie-dye pattern takes my love to a whole new level, though!

2. Tie Dye Tassel Cover-Up– This classy cover-up is ultra light, has a fun tassel fringe, and comes in 3 different colors!

3. Tie Dye Pullover Sweatshirt– I mean, how gorgeous is this blue ombre design?! If you’re more into bright colors, this lightweight tie-dye pullover comes in over a dozen styles and patterns.

4. Tie Dye Pajama Set– This cozy set includes a short sleeve tee and matching jogger pants (with pockets). It comes in 18 different patterns, too!

5. Tie Dye Headband– These tie-dye headbands come in a set of 6 and are perfect for working out! I’m partial to cooler colors like blue, but they also come in warmer colors, too. 

6. Short Sleeve Tie Dye Pajama Set– Now that it’s summer, I want this tie-dye pajama set in every color! It’s cute, lightweight, and perfect for warmer months. 

7. Seamless Tie Dye Bralette– This pretty little tie-dye bralette is super cute and has absolutely stellar ratings. The only downside is that it’s only for A-C cups– and, even still, it runs small. Size up if you can!

8. Blue and White Striped Tie Dye Maxi Dress– I’ve always loved navy and white stripes, so this bold striped tie-dye pattern was an easy sell. It just reminds me of the ocean and all the wonderful things that come with it (like vacations).

Tie Dye Style Picks | 9-16

HOW TO SHOP: Scroll below to the corresponding number from the collage and click the link. You can also click anywhere on the collage to view my Tie-Dye Fashion Finds shopping list on Amazon. 

Affordable fashion blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares 8 more ways to wear tie dye on Diary of a Debutante

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9. Pink Tie Dye Maxi Dress– This gorgeous pink-blue-orange pattern just reminds me of rainbows and sunshine. I love that the dress has pockets, too!

10. Tie Dye Hoodie– This tie-dye hoodie is literally the perfect vacation hoodie. It runs a little short/small (order a size up), but it’s super cute. It’s also super lightweight, so you should consider it more of a light shirt than a warm sweatshirt.

11. Pink Tie Dye V-Neck Tee– This colorful v-neck tee has a fun high-low hemline and looks absolutely adorable tucked into distressed shorts or jeans!

12. Tie Dye Bikini– This gorgeous tie-dye bikini is such a steal! It’s shockingly good quality, too. My only caveat is that it’s definitely not for bustier girls– there’s just too little material to cover everything.

13. Matching Tie Dye Workout Set– This pretty matching workout set is under $30 and comes in 6 fun patterns!

14. Sleeveless Tie Dye Sundress– This sweet tie-dye sundress is literally a perfect beach cover-up! It’s ultra lightweight, looks super cute tied up in the front, and comes in four pretty pastel patterns. 

15. Tie Dye Twist Front Crop Top– I’m not normally into crop tops, but I love the way this sweet little twist front top looks with leggings! It’s become one of my favorite tops for running errands and working out. It runs pretty small, though– especially for women with bigger chests, so size up if you order. 

16. Tie Dye Trucker Hat– This colorful tie-dye trucker hat comes in dozens of patterns! I love to wear mine with a white tee and jeans when I’m running errands. 

For more ways to wear tie dye, check out my Tie-Dye Fashion Finds ideas list on Amazon! I update it the second I find any fun and affordable new pieces. Thanks for reading, y’all!


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