Make It a Snow Day: The Cutest Snow Tubes and Where to Find Them

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As a Floridians experiencing my first Maine winter, I can confidently say that the weather conditions here get a bad rap. A friend sent me a Thrillist article that listed Maine as having the fifth worst winter in the country– and also somehow didn’t rank Alaska as #1. I say, however, from my whole two months of expertise, that snow days can be just as fun as beach days. Just like pool floats in the summer, cute snow tubes are a right of passage for anyone indulging their inner child in the winter. Not only are they fun for your personal enjoyment, but they make perfect and affordable holiday, winter birthday, and “just because” gifts, too.

I got Kyle a Giant Peppermint Twist Snow Tube for Christmas, and it’s going to be the talk of the sledding hill. Plus, their price point ($25-$30) is surprisingly lower than their pool float comrades ($30-$80), which is odd for an inflatable toy that can likely double as a more durable pool float in the summer. Anyways, grab your favorite (or all) of these cute snow tubes and make the most of your next snow day!

A collection of cute snow tubes for winter funShop Cute Snow Tubes: 1. Giant Snow Cone Snow Tube, $30 |  2. Giant Peppermint Twist Snow Tube, $25 | 3. Giant Polar Bear Snow Tube, $25 | 4. Giant Frosted Donut Snow Tube, $25 | 5. Giant Ice Cream Cone Snow Tube, $25 | 6. Giant Mitten Snow Tube, $25 | 7. Giant Tears of Joy Emoji Snow Tube, $25 | 8. Giant Supreme Pizza Snow Tube, $25

Which one is your favorite? Since Kyle gets the giant peppermint, I think it’s only appropriate that I get a giant frosted donut. Or the giant ice cream come. Or both. Oh, and in case you live in a purely tropical climate (like my home state of Florida), here’s a round-up of all the cutest adult pool floats, too. Happy tubing!


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