How to Design Your Own Monogrammed Phone Case

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Put A Case on Me, Smart Phone, Smart Phone Case, Monogram

Two things are unflinchingly true in 2015: 1. I love monograms, and 2. I love my new gold iPhone 6.
I used to be first in line to choose a phone case strictly for its aesthetic value, but after my iPhone 5 shattered to pieces in an adorable striped Kate Spade case with one drop on my garage floor, the quality of the case actually matters to me now. My how the tables have turned. Luckily, I found this amazing company called Put A Case on Me that combines the pretty with the practical, where you can actually design and personalize your own case with a monogram, variety of designs and colors, or a photo. Ya, it’s exactly as fabulous as it sounds.

Put A Case on Me makes phone cases for iPhones 4-6 Plus and Galaxies S4 and S5. Once you’ve identified your device type, your first decision is to select either a Tough Bumper Case (winner winner chicken dinner) or a Slim Case.

Put A Case on Me, Smart Phone, Smart Phone Case, Monogram


From there, the sky’s the limit. Choose from chevron to houndstooth to lattice backgrounds and play with the coloring in their fun design program until you find a combination that tickles your fancy. If you want to monogram your case like moi, you can choose the sizing, alignment, placement, and font of your initials. I opted for a patriotic, navy and red lattice monogram in the Tough Bumper ultra-protection case, and I’m so in love with it. The best part? My custom and uber-safe case was $30! Unreal.

Oh, and you can get 20% off your entire order with code DIARY20 through 1/31/15. Heyo!

Literally the only downside is that you may find yourself spending hours upon hours of time designing new phone cases. Sorry, work, I’ve got some phone cases to design.

Put A Case on Me, Smart Phone, Smart Phone Case, Monogram

Again, I hope no one finds themselves in a situation like mine, where you’ve got a fully functional iPhone 5 with shards of glass politely sticking out of the face plate. Honestly, I’m not complaining all that much, since I did get a gold iPhone 6 out of the whole ordeal; I’m just going the extra mile to protect {and create a personall-customized monogrammed phone case} it this round.

Happy Monday!

 I received a product sample from Put A Case on Me to facilitate this review. 


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