Cute Tassel Drop Earrings for Spring (All under $20)

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Trend to Try: Colorful Tassel Drop Earrings for Spring (All under $20!) by Stephanie Ziajka from the popular affordable fashion blog Diary of a Debutante, pink ombre tiered tassel drop earrings, tassel statement jewelry

Over the past few years, I’ve cut down significantly on the amount of jewelry I buy. I honestly just can’t keep track of it all, and most of it ends up untouched, in a box somewhere. Plus, I taught preschool for 3 years in college, and I’m always paranoid that someone or something is going to rip my earlobe open, which is one of many reason I hardly ever wear hoops (fun fact). That being said, I’ve now purchased 3 pairs of tassel drop earrings. They’re just the perfect statement accessories, and quite frankly, the pop of color makes me happy. I love how they can brighten up any outfit, even in the midst of this gloomy winter-spring transition weather. They also make pretty amazing gifts for friends, too!

You’ve probably seen this style of earring on sale for $100+ at Nordstrom/Shopbop/Kendra Scott, but again, I’m frugal when it comes to accessories in general. I know there’s a 75% chance I’ll lose (at least) one at some point. So, I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorite tassel drop earrings under $20 in today’s post. I’ve only featured a few in the blush family (my personal favorite), but these all come in a handful of bright colors, too. 

Colorful Tassel Drop Earrings for Spring

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For reference, I’m wearing this pair of tassel drop earrings, along with this pink striped top, in today’s post. You can also check out more of my favorite red fashion accessories for spring here. Have a wonderful weekend, y’all! 


5 thoughts on “Cute Tassel Drop Earrings for Spring (All under $20)

  1. Marta

    They all look so cute! And you’re not alone, I’m also extremely scared of ripping my earlobes open and I don’t work with children haha That’s the reason why I only pierced my ears when I was 21 and almost a year later I still can’t use heavy earrings or hoops for more than a couple of hours, the anxiety gets to me.


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