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28 girlboss gift ideas for the workaholic woman in your life | Girlboss gift ideas | Gift ideas for workaholic women | Everyday She's Hustlin: Gift Guide for the Girlboss by southern blogger Stephanie Ziajka from Diary of a Debutante

We all know a desk diva or two. You know, those girls who embody the “work hard, stay humble” mantra. Outside of wine, it can be tricky to find these worker bee wonder women gifts they’ll actually use. To help you with your holiday shopping, check out these girlboss gift ideas all lady bosses will love!

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Girlboss Gift Ideas | 1-6

1. Kate Spade ‘I Need a Vacation’ 12-Month Planner, $40- Help her stay organized with a chic 12-month planner featuring gleaming gold-foil accents on the cover. Also available in gold polka dots. 

2. Boss Lady Lacquer Docking Station, $63- Docking stations shouldn’t be this cute! Perfect as a gift for a workaholic woman or as a personal desk organizer, this multi-functional docking station includes a dedicated slot for watches and bracelets, a handy keychain notch, and a sleek groove to corral and organize charging cords.

3. Marble Dry Erase Board, $10- Give her a classy canvas with a chic gold frame to record her thoughts and messages. This 9″x11″ marble dry erase board looks just as great on her office wall as decor as it does by the back door as a family message board. 

4. Killin It Notepad, $18- Add a little more fun to her daily grind. Her desk will look so much more fun with this lovely Killin It notepad on it!

5. Boss Lady Glass Paperweight, $29- Let everyone know who the woman in charge is with a sleek Boss Lady paperweight.

6. Kate Spade ‘For Good Measure’ Desk Accessories Set, $48- Who says accessories can’t be glamorous? This darling desk accessories set from Kate Spade includes a 12-inch For Good Measure ruler, a gold and acrylic A Cut Above scissors, and a gold and acrylic Let Loose staple remover.


Girlboss Gift Ideas | 7-13

7. Kate Spade ‘Strike Gold’ Desk Tray, $38- A pretty desk is a happy desk. This chic Strike Gold desk tray adds a little pizzazz to an otherwise bottomless bin of to-do’s. 

8. Kate Spade ‘Hello There’ ID Clip, $24- Replace her boring and generic ID clip with this hot pink Hello There ID holder. Also available in multi-colored sparkles. 

9. Nate Berkus Gold Scissors, $17- I never thought a pair of scissors would be in such high demand, but just about every blogger owns these gold stainless steel scissors from Nate Berkus. They’re the prettiest pair of shears on the market!

10. White Marble Macbook Case, $13- Help protect her laptop in style. This 13-inch case offers a soft-touch matte plastic scratch guard for Macbook Airs. Available in 4 prints and in multiple sizes.

11. ‘Work Hard Stay Humble’ Coffee Mug, $16- Work hard, stay humble! Early mornings are so much better with coffee. In fact, they’re best with a sassy motivational coffee mug filled with coffee. 

12. Set of Gold Elephant Book Ends, $40- Help organize her bookshelves with these chic gold elephant book ends. 

13. White and Gold File Folders, $6- This 12-count of gold and white motivational folders will be sure to add some sparkle to her boring old filing cabinet. 


Girlboss Gift Ideas | 14-20

14. Set of 5 Kate Spade Mechanical Pencils, $6- Help her jot notes and memos in style with a chic pencil set featuring gleaming metallic stripes.

15. Every Second Counts Timer, $25- Every desk needs some eye candy. This gift-ready Every Second Counts hourglass timer has a classic shape and is a handy (and functional) timer.

16. Kate Spade Striped Laptop Bag, $248- I’ve had this laptop bag in hot pink for two years, and it’s awesome. I use it every day, and it’s still in great condition. Although it’s available in a few sizes, this particular bag fits a 15-inch computer. Available in solid black and classic black and white stripes.

17. Kate Spade Let’s Do Lunch Business Card Holder, $20- This silver-plated Let’s Do Lunch business card holder is the perfect on-the-go accessory.

18. Monogrammed Laptop Sleeve, $35- Show an extra element of thought and personalization with a monogrammed laptop sleeve! These have great reviews and are available in four patterns. Remember to allow an extra week or so for personalization. 

19. Black and Gold Printed Pencil Set, $3-8- Who doesn’t love a cute set of pencils? Available in a set of two or six, these cute black and gold pencils say “Girl Boss” and “Like A Boss.” 

20. Girl Boss Nameplate, $28- The perfect gift idea for a workaholic! In the style of vintage office decor, this weighty brass nameplate reads ‘Girl Boss’ on engraved wood-veneer plastic.


Girlboss Gift Ideas | 21-28

21. Monthly Calendar Dry Erase Board, $22- I’ve been using 3 of these calendars to do my monthly/seasonal planning, and they’re awesome. Each dry erase calendar has a chic gold frame and looks clean and classic on any wall. The marker it comes with is pretty weak, so it may be a good idea to get her a good set of dry erase markers, too. 

22. Ted Baker London Stationary Set, $39- Who doesn’t love bows and sassy gleaming clips? This stationery set comes in a trio of translucent boxes that add a refined touch to any desk.

23. I Am Very Busy 2018 Agenda, $20- If she’s really busy, she needs this cute 17-month classic agenda.

24. Everyday I’m Hustlin’ Travel Mug, $22- If she’s always on the go, she’ll love kicking off her day with this Everyday I’m Hustlin’ travel mug. 

25. Kate Spade Work Play Desktop Folio, $32- From work to tennis practice to happy hour cocktails, planning her week has never been easier. This sleek black folio is accented with monochromatic gold for all things work and play.

26. Desktop Cell Phone Stand, $9- This rose gold desktop cell phone stand is super convenient and also holds tablets. Eventually she’ll want one on her desk to check emails, one on her bedside table to enjoy movies, and one in the kitchen to enjoy personal time. Available in 5 colors.

27. Sticky Note Set, $12- This colorful set of sticky notes is perfect for simplifying her grocery list and flagging her favorite magazine pages. So cute and so handy!

28. Asobu Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $55- A portable cold brew maker? This is the perfect gift for a workaholic woman! The Asobu portable cold brew coffee is the first of its kind. Forget about diluted, bitter, and acidic standard ice coffee– give the gift of amazing, freshly-brewed coffee every morning with a brand new 40oz stainless steel carafe. 


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