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Small kitchen organization ideas from blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

Not to sound like I’m throwing shade, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when professional organizers with enormous kitchens and deep, walk-in pantries share small kitchen organization ideas. Like, your kitchen is huge– of course you have the space to designate a bottled water shelf and put every different kind of fruit in a separate bin. I really do love our compact little kitchen, but keeping things organized has been a challenge. We don’t have a real panty, and our cabinets are almost pentagonal, so it’s hard to maximize storage. If you’re in a similar boat, I’m sharing the best small kitchen organization products I’ve found on Amazon in today’s post! Keep reading to see them all! For more storage ideas for small spaces, you can also check out my Small Kitchen Organization Ideas List on Amazon. 

PS– it’s Prime Day, and a lot of these items are on sale! Just a heads up!

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas | 1-10

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Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares storage ideas for small kitchens on Diary of a Debutante

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1. Large Pink Food Storage Containers– I bought this set of large airtight food containers over a year ago, and they’ve been out of stock since. They’re just such a bargain. Not only are they pink, they come with their own labels and measuring scoops. Because they don’t fit inside our cabinets, I store mine on top, and they’ve been perfect for keeping flour, sugar, rice, and quinoa fresh (and out of our cabinets). 

2. White Spice Jars– Nothing clutters up cabinets more than spice jars. Literally nothing. I’ve seen lots of organizers suggest a “spice jar drawer,” but we don’t have any extra drawer space to spare. So, I bought a set of two magnet racks (next up on this list) to store our spice jars on the side of our fridge. It’s helped clear up space in our cabinets and keeps our spices organized. 

FYI– If your heart isn’t set on white, I found this set of 24 spice jars with labels for under $30! They’re awesome and come with hundreds of cute sticker labels. Sharing a few photos of our new magnetic spice jar organization system below! 

3. Magnetic Spice Jar Rack, Set of 2– I touched on these above, but I bought a set of two white magnetic racks, and they’re amazing. The magnet is ultra-strong, and the racks are perfect for cleverly storing spice jars, oils, and pretty much anything else that you want out in the open while cooking. We also keep ours on the side of our fridge, so they literally take up zero extra space. Highly recommend! 

Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares her magnetic spice jar organizer on Diary of a Debutante Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares a magnetic spice jar organization idea for small kitchens on Diary of a Debutante

It turns out we have a lot of spices, so I also just bought this matching 2-in-1 magnetic shelf and paper towel holder, too. I’ll share photos shortly!

4. Spice Jar Labels– These don’t necessarily save space, but they make your spices look gourmet and uniform. You can also buy a 24-piece spice jar/label combo here!

5. Plastic Tea Organizer– Kyle loves drinking tea, so until we got this stackable plastic tea organizer, we just had half-empty tea boxes strewn all over the place. This organizer allows us to keep all our favorite teas in one spot without taking up hardly any room in our cabinet. 

6. Stackable Pink Storage Boxes– I mainly love these because they’re pink, but they’re also surprisingly spacious, stackable, and fit perfectly in our cabinets. I use ours for my cookie cutters and baking supplies, but you could also store snacks, utensils, batteries, or whatever else inside. 

7. Under-Cabinet Wine Glass Racks, Set of 2– When I say these under-cabinet wine glass racks are a game-changer, I mean they’re a game-changer. We could really only allot one small cabinet shelf to wine glass storage before, and these not only make wine glasses look nice, but they also free up cabinet space without taking up counter space. I love that you can install them pretty much anywhere, too. They work underneath cabinets, inside bookshelves (which we’re planning on doing), in armoires, and/or underneath floating shelves– and they come in different colors, too!

8. Water Bottle Organizer– Storing water bottles horizontally is surprisingly more effective than storing them vertically. Who knew?! 

9. Expandable Cutlery Tray– I don’t know why non-expandable cutlery trays were ever a thing. This expandable tray fits the size of your utensil drawer and helps keep everything organized– Marie Kondo style. I love this drawer organizer specifically because it has nine compartments instead of five, which is handy. 

10. Plastic Lazy Susans, Set of 3– I own two sets of these lazy susan organizers and use one for kitchen stuff and one for craft supplies. I wasn’t sure if they’d fit in our cabinets, but they do, and they make storing oils and baking supplies (sprinkles, icings, etc) super easy and efficient. If your pantry is deep enough (which ours isn’t), they’re also great for storing snacks. PS- If pink is too girly for you, they also come in different colors. 

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas | 11-20

HOW TO SHOP: Scroll below to the corresponding number from the collage and click the link. You can also click anywhere on the image to see my Small Kitchen Organization Ideas list on Amazon. 

Blogger Stephanie Ziajka shares affordable organization ideas for small kitchens on Diary of a Debutante

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11. Stackable 2-Tier Utensil Tray– This super handy utensil tray comes with a second-tiered nesting tray, which doubles storage space. It’s perfect for storing extra utensils and organizing junk drawers. 

12. Stackable Open-Front Metal Bins– Not only do open-front metal bins look nice and minimalistic, they’re perfect for storing different fruits and veggies on the counter. I love that they fit discretely in corners, too. 

13. Hanging Fruit Basket– If you don’t have counter space available for fruit storage, install a hanging fruit basket. This one holds up to ten pounds!

14. Plastic Soda Can Organizer with Lid– I get excessively jazzed about this lidded soda can organizer. The lid really is a game-changer. Not only can you stack multiple organizers on top of each other in pantries, you can actually store food on top of it on the fridge.

15. Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack– We don’t have any free walls or doors in our kitchen, so we installed this adjustable wall and door rack to store toiletries in our linen closet. It’s saved us so much space and helps keep us organized. If you have wall space available, you can also mount it on the wall to give yourself eight adjustable storage racks. 

16. Magnetic Knife Rack– If you don’t have the counter space for a knife block, this magnetic knife rack is a great alternative! It has hooks for other kitchen tools and utensils, too. 

17. Collapsible Pink Tupperware– Tupperware can take up so much cabinet space, so I love that this Tupperware is collapsible and stackable.

18. Adjustable Drawer Dividers– These drawer dividers are a must-have for junk drawer (or utensil or whatever drawer) organization! They’re adjustable, too, so they can fit pretty much any drawer. 

19. Plastic Battery Organizer– There’s nothing worse than digging through drawers to find batteries. I’m not trying to throw Kyle under the bus here, but he literally opens new packs of batteries and then just throws them in our junk drawer. This plastic battery organizer keeps different-sized batteries grouped together, and I love that it stacks nicely on top of or underneath other bins. 

20. Under-Cabinet Storage Basket– We use these under-cabinet storage baskets in our makeshift pantry, and they double our storage space. I also use the larger ones in our linen closet to hold extra table linens. They’re awesome. My only caveat is that they only work underneath certain-sized cabinet bases. We have a few cabinets with thick, 1.5″ bottoms, and they can’t expand enough to slip around them. 

For more storage ideas for small spaces, check out my Small Kitchen Organization Ideas List on Amazon. You can also check out my favorite Amazon Home products of 2020 and favorite Amazon kitchen gadgets for more budget-friendly home and organization inspiration. Thanks so much for reading, y’all– and happy Prime Day!!


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