Best of 2020: Top 11 Amazon Home Finds

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Blogger Stephanie Ziajka rounds up the top Amazon Home products of 2020 on Diary of a Debutante

If you’ve followed me for a while now, you know I like to do annual “top ten” round-ups. If not, you can check out last year’s here and here. More to the point, this year I literally could not narrow it down to ten. I guess that’s one upside (or downside, depending on how you look at it) of quarantining– I had way too much time to shop on Amazon. That said, I did find some really awesome and, more importantly, affordable Awesome Home products, and I think you’ll love them, too. Keep reading for my top eleven Amazon Home finds from all of 2020! They’re all under $100 and only one is technically over $50. It’s #1 if you’re curious. Enjoy!

Best of 2020: Top Amazon Home Products

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Best Amazon Home decor finds of 2020 curated by blogger Stephanie Ziajka on Diary of a Debutante

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1. Stackable Jewelry Box– Everything this brand makes is awesome (I own their small travel jewelry organizer, too), so I went ahead and splurged on the full 5-in-1 set. It’s actually the only item on this list over $50. That said, I love that you can buy the shelves individually to fit your jewelry organization needs and budget. It’s also drop-dead gorgeous in person and looks just like the super popular $250+ jewelry boxes from Kendra Scott. 

2. Removable Suction Cup Shower Caddy– Kyle and I have a super small, almost steeple-style bathroom, so our shower (specifically our showerhead) is really tall. In other words,  there’s no way we can use a normal shower caddy. I found this removable suction cup shower caddy on Amazon and didn’t have high hopes, but it works perfectly! It’s easy to install, can hold a lot of weight (I seriously load it up with products), and has a hollow bottom design that drains excess water, preventing stagnant water and keeping everything dry and mold-free. FYI- They also have an awesome removable corner shower caddy, too!

3. Pink Lazy Susan Organizers, Set of 3– Without sounding like a total nerd, I absolutely love these spinning lazy Susan trays! I own both this set and a set of matching organizers with built-in dividers, and they’re just so handy. Plus they’re pink, which is fun (they’re available in white, too). I use mine to organize my craft supplies, beauty products, and coffee bar accouterments, but they’re food-safe, as well, so they’d also fit well in a fridge or pantry.

4. Two-Tier Slide-Out Basket Organizer– This two-tier organizer is perfect for extra under-sink storage! It’s well made, large enough to actually hold full-sized bottles, and comes with removable dividers. We use it to keep our cleaning supplies organized, but it’s equally handy in the bathroom and kitchen.

5. Glass Spray Bottle– I own several of these glass spray bottles and want about half a dozen more. They’re made with recycled pharmaceutical-grade glass and are totally free of plastic odors and chemicals. Plus, they look really nice on display (I make them each cute labels with my Cricut). I use mine primarily for misting plants and mixing homemade cleaners, but they’re great for linens sprays and liquid beauty products, too. 

6. Bliss Collections Daily Tear-Off Planner– This cute tear-off daily planner legitimately boosted my productivity in 2020. It’s got designated spots for appointments, must-do’s, lesser important to-do’s, and even a water intake gauge. Plus, it’s adorable and large enough to jot notes on throughout the day. 

7. Double-Sided Carpet Tape– How have I never thought of using double-sided tape to keep rugs in place?! What’s special about this double-sided carpet tape, though, is that you can easily and safely remove it by warming it with a hairdryer and gently peeling it off. 

8. 6-Outlet Surge Protector– This surge protector has six outlets and two USB ports, so I love that I can charge my phone, iPad, laptop, and camera all at once. I also love that it blends in with my kitchen, isn’t a total eyesore, and that it has some fancy pants built-in charging technology that optimizes charging times/speeds. 

9. Adjustable Shoe Slot Organizers– Not only do they look nice, these shoe slot organizers literally double your closet storage! I love that they’re adjustable, too, and that they can accommodate all shoes– from super high heels to sandals. 

10. Cable Organizer Case– Loose cables give me anxiety, so I bought this cable organizer case to keep in my desk drawer. It’s so handy, and I love that it’s well-padded to protect all my electronic accessories. Not only does it neatly store all my cords and cables, but it also has space for my mouse, SD cards, and 390808 chargers, too, so it’s perfect for frequent travelers and co-working space-dwellers.

11. Blue Gingham Pillow Covers– I don’t know why, but I had the hardest time finding light blue gingham pillowcases! Luckily, I finally found some on Amazon and ordered two sets. These are well made, come in over a dozen colors, and are machine washable! Keep in mind that the pillow inserts are sold separately, though. 

What were some of your favorite Amazon Home finds from last year? Any particular items you recommend?! Let me know if the comments!


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